Dan Patrick says bill to reduce penalties for marijuana possession 'dead in Texas Senate'

The Texas House of Representatives initially passed a bill to reduce the penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuana, but a day later, a leader said …


  1. Did I say $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Totally a set up for me pass the Vodka. I was beaten forcefully in Podunk Caldwell county and 2 oz planted on me. Basically This is about my ability to rent at 59. I'm White and a female and single and after 13ooo no deal. Fuck off Paxton. I'm a native Austin and I could be on the street. Again where is my god damn drink. Drinking and beating innocent people in the woods is just ridiculous and create major trauma. Fuck off Austin big oil millionaires in our legislation are not working for us why should they? The incarcerated are feeding them. Justice is going away if we do not stop complying with any form of Tyranny

  2. Marijuana is a spanish word. All US laws must be in english. So all Marijuana laws are Nule and Void for racial discrimination. Hemp is english for the plant, and legal.

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