Could AG nominee William Barr set back marijuana legalization?

William Barr, President Trump’s nominee for attorney general, said he supports a federal ban on marijuana but wouldn’t target businesses in states where …


  1. The AG is going to force the people's hand. Congress Congress is tottaly for De or Re schedualing. I'm pretty confadent that nothing negative is going to happen, weed is just going to move a bit slower until these relics from old Emperial America Die out.

  2. We were so close to legalization, then the trump administration showed trying to go back to the 50s


    Smokes Newport and takes a sip of Jack Daniels

  4. More tax dollars wasted on weed. Money needs to be used to eliminate hard drugs .not something that doesn’t destroy families! We can see from history how alcohol prohibition worked out!

  5. Its gonna be made federally legal under a republican administration. Democrats are good for nothing.

  6. William Barr is a terrorist from the Bush Administration did everyone forget about the Twin Towers? Classified confidential 9/11 papers us disgusting worthless useless Americans didn't deserve the truth? Nope not from the president known as a terrorist called bush like his terrorist dad and Grandpa he helped cover up 9/11

  7. Well all marijuana and cannabis laws are nule and void for not being clearly defined in English. So everyone needs to sue for Civil Rights racial discrimination. You can sue a cop for saying marijuana, because it is not english. It is a felony charge for cops. They have to define the plant in english which is HEMP.

  8. Wake Up, People! The only reason Cannabis is not legal(@this late date) in America is because blacks may potentially benefit Financially and of course free labor prison stock would fall off tremendously!

  9. It's funny how you can just watch the commentator and before he even speaks you know he's a libertarian

  10. These old dirtbags need to die off already! Bigger things going on in the world and were talking about banning marijuana smh

  11. There are only two kinds of people that oppose the legalization of cannabis the ones that are ignorant on the subject and the ones that make money off of it being illegal.

  12. I have no problem with Marijuana being illegal. As long as you start arresting White people for using it and not just people of Color.

  13. It's not a matter of "could" it's a matter of "will he", and the answer is YES… bank on it!

  14. The video clip at 4:48 (dude in a marijuana suit and silly hat) is not helping out the cause for national legalization at all…
    Most people see that and think, 'I don't want that in my neighborhood or near my school'…
    We need people in suits with lots of money to lobby congress if we are going to do away with prohibition..

  15. The two Native American House Reps. should invite Barr to have an 'experience' in a sweat lodge.

  16. Clearly he is against marijuana. Hopefully he's true to his word about not wasting resources on this.

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