Could a National Legal Pot Law Finally Happen?

With Cory Booker’s proposal to legalize marijuana on a federal level, TRNN looks at the current politics surrounding legalization in the nation’s capital and …


  1. Sessions is much more like a Nazi than an American in his beliefs. May he rest in hell with President Turd (ummm, trump)

  2. Trump considers cannabis use to be immoral. This, from someone who is okay with paying for sex with a porn star or playmate while his wife is pregnant! Seriously!

  3. i am very tired of the trumps administration out of touch position on weed. it is time to decriminalize it all the way and remove it from scheduale ones. most people dont think you should be denied employment or be put in jail or have your life ruined or your property confiscated or have a civil asset forfeture done on you over some pot. good people don't go against the will of the people they obey them. we were not born to bow down to dictatorship like jeff sessions glad to see his ass gone. who wants to be gone next? we a people will get rid of each and every single last one of you. keep it up and lets just see what happens.

  4. Stop comparing marijuana to alcohol and start comparing it to masterbation. They're both "pleasures of the flesh", and criminalizing either one wouldn't help people. It would just throw people in jail who couldn't control themselves. Then they'd have a stigma follow them, and the opposite of the intention of the law could occur.

  5. "go to the store on the corner and get it" Idiot…. Yet it can go to the corner store and get a bottle or government pills… Man made alcohol, God made pot, who do you trust

  6. It has Nothing to do with black and White. It's more about the rich and poor. I'm white and have had 3 tickets for $1000 each for possession of a g. There's a reason why you have to fill out a sheet of your net worth when you go to court…..

  7. What about all the hundreds of thousands of deaths caused by marijuana
    The children!!!

  8. They just need to legalize this shit. For real. It’s not bad and to see that then go smoke a joint and find out. It’s different for everyone but not harmful. I just want it for my ADHD and ADD problems.. it’s so bad that I can’t even read when a movie is playing because it distracts me or even any background noise but when I smoke im able to read and comprehend what I’m reading. The point is it helps me learn and helps me stay focused. I’m sure others can agree

  9. BUT… their is no racism in aneriKKKa & the KKKops treat blacks with much respect.

  10. What you dont hear about is how NJ and PA is medically approved BUT you cant have gun or guns !! Pa was even talking about taking not only your guns but your drivers license. No one talks about this. I didnt even know they were doing this until speaking with a cop and doctor. So if you have a medical card for health issues you cant have a gun. And I want to know if big pharmaceutical companies have their hands in any of this growing, seeds etc???

  11. Who was the high level person who started the movement for legalizing it back in the 70's/80's – arguing that the benefits wud mostly b taxes/economic = Univ of Chicago's prof Friedman. However, the word was Friedman was part of a cabal of nefarious 'ppl' wanting to continue to undermine the U.S. social fabric in order to control it n in order to do that the dumbing down of the American citizenry needed to continue past the simpleton memorization system of education n pop culture – that drugs too shud b available to the American youth n older generations n they decided that having a constantly high dumbed down public wud b perfect n MJ was the perfect culprit to get us there.

  12. An animal in the form of a human, bestially fascinated with its own intelligence — my portrait of a person high on marijuana.

  13. Very fine discussion, but marijuana shouldn't be legalized. Instead, it should be totally decriminalized, for there was never any justification in illegalizing it to begin with. Short of the proper decriminalization, legalization evidently is better than criminalizing people for being in possession of this plant; but, decriminalization would be the correct way to go. And I don't care about the "average" person also selling marijuana. The govt only wants your tax dollars to pay for its wars and other crimes. The govt too much is like a criminal racket. On a small scale, enough for several weeks at a time a few times per year, I was once in the business and did absolutely nothing wrong to anyone. The govts would've canned my butt, if the govts found out about what I did and caught me in the act, but that's govts, and I trust myself a heck of a lot more than I could trust the govt(s). It's only marijuana, "for crying out loud"; nothing wrong with it, unless allergic to it, and I've never known anyone who was allergic to this plant, though to other things, which marijuana consumption greatly help them with; but, it's a great medicinal and therapeutic herb, It's very helpful for many people, and it shouldn't only be legalized for medicine, for while some people can tend to consume it recreationally, as I did, it still had very good therapeutic effect (or affect?) for me. It's dumb voters who repeatedly "elect" jerks for political representatives who constitute a serious problem for society, and far from only about marijuana. "Elect" jerks and that's what'll happen. The govt is full of very serious criminality, and there's too much incompetence, as well.

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