1. Feel bad for the guy and the cops. They didn't want to do this obviously but the system is flawed.

  2. Overstepping power against a fucking deathly ill human being that admits to taking the plans that is commonly used medically and is not legal in many places recreationally this side of the justice system is just fucked up

  3. I use cbd based flower with 0.3% thc and I'm terrified of taking it anywhere with me in fears I'll be arrested/cited by the police, even though it's completely legal to buy and own.
    The laws need to be updated.

  4. Ok so I hate when one cop does something bad everyone Is like "that's the damn government" like ok sure some cops are bad and this was not ok but I hate it how so many people are so quick to hate on cops and shit like ok lots of people have jobs that make them feel like shit about what they do like cops they must be thinking "fuck this is really fucked up" and sure they might not give a shit but still people are so quick to hate one on person does something that they might feel bad about

  5. I for one, feel much safer if someone dying of cancer can’t smoke a joint. Cops: fook you pussy dick licking shits.

  6. The Pharmacist Sent them cause they were curing the Cancer and NOT being able to Prescribe Chemo. Hahaha. These Devils

  7. How do these officers sleep at night…shameful officers shameful. Maybe god will repay your actions with some cancer of your very own!

  8. For Marijuana? shit Lock up the Hospital personnel they're the one's that are selling and prescribing actual DRUGS you morons

  9. The guy didnt know the cops were not going to find anything, if you know what i mean. Have a little faith bro your gonna need it. Are you angry people that blinded by your emotions?

  10. A voice of reason here: I DETEST law enforcement using unnecessary force and brutality against its tax paying citizens. This is not that, this is bullshit government policy against marijuana use. Laws, that thank goodness are being eradicated state by state. Until its illegality is completely eradicated, it's illegal for use. The cops here are simply responding to a call and doing what they're paid to do. No brutality, heck even the capped cop said several times if they DID find pot all they would do is give him a citation. I TRULY abhor the chronic abuse of power police use all across our supposed sovereign states but this ain't it guys. The is more an example of why marijuana SHOULD be legalized once and for all….period.
    Much love to everyone❤

  11. Peep the smirks on their faces.The poor man is dying. I’m convinced they do something to cops to dull their empathy senses. How are they such heartless assholes on such a grand scale.

  12. I live next to a Jewish land thief Frederick Thomas Eanes iii in Trinidad Colorado. He makes false accusations calls all the time to these people. I deal with this kind of activity everyday. THANK GOD I DONT HAVE CANCER or other health problems. The low IQ law enforcement as well as the court house comes to his beckoning 100% however, I happen to know about Freds illegal gun selling practices as well as it was his gun who shot Rebecca Cooley on August 14, 2018 yet these same low IQ fools refuse to do anything.

  13. The guy on the right was on his side but he didn't need to fucking yell at him like that the man has cancer and a right to be upset that these ducking piglets are going through his shit for a plant and also fuck that pig that sarcastically said "it's saving your life"

  14. If a hospital employee called police that person and the hospital is in violation of HIPPA Laws, right?

  15. Fucking pieces of immoral trash. They would rather let their fellow human beings die than cure themselves with a natural plant.

  16. Which judge in this country sit in front of this guy and tell him police were right. Why no one will arrested these cops here. Which judge in our country has the gut?

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