1. my daughter (9) just started CBD oil for her Juvenile arthritis. i would like to add copaiba too. how would i do this and do you recommend it …thanks

  2. So Amazon has CBD Oil.
    I have nerve damage from having Shingles 5 times (Shingles proven by Doctor Specialist) on both sides of my body but mostly on my weak left side. Fibromalagia, also proven; Arthritis in many joints; Bursitis in my hips – shattering the Fibula (2 places) and also the Tibia; my upper and lower back has osteoporosis; and 3 herniated discs in lower spine . The only pain drug I have is Gabapentin for nerves. I am in intense pain on a daily basis. It's in great pain that when I walk, the uneveness of the fracture boot to a shoe is almost intolerable; in March I fell. Doctors now, will only prescribe any opiate drug or useful pain medication for 24 days at a time. I am almost 70 but I still try to do my best on exercising. I will have a fracture boot on until July or August.
    What would you suggest a dosage CBD oil to make me at least comfortable?
    I also have the Essential Oil of Copaiba Balsam from Brazil but I have never taken it orally. Please help me decide. Thanking You in advance.
    I almost forgot to mention that surgery was done on my ankle and both sides have metal plates and screws. The screws on the inside of my ankle, I can feel the screw heads when I walk with the boot on which is 12 to 14 hours per day. I get to sleep with the boot off.

  3. So if I understand this correctly hubby is using CBD oil 750mg twice daily for heart failure so how much Copaiba should we be adding to the daily regimen? I am a bit confused on the amount of Copaiba to use daily and I can't seem to find an answer anywhere:(

  4. wow.. i was looking up for an oil in a kit of e-oils for scent usage … and i come across… this …. i am now informed , and surprised!

  5. If somebody takes the copaiba oil and then a drugs test will it be positive? Where can I get the copaiba oil?

  6. Hi! I'm curious to know if you think it could help sleep for people with narcolepsy ? If so, how would you suggest using it ???

  7. I had to listen twice & take notes but very valuable info. I make a whole plant CBD, MCT oil & can use this Info w/ my ‘folks’ .

  8. Are we able to use both at the same time? My daughter suffers from anxiety and the doctor has her on 20 ml of antidepressants. I don’t like what those pills do to your body. She is only 14 years old . I have Copaiba from young living

  9. Ive been managing my condition for twenty years with CBD from hemp indica , then i met a person on this copaiba selling scheme today , tryng to sell me copaiba as a better solution, part of a big organised selling/seminar system …thank you for the information and the heads up ….more research needed …Peace

  10. I love both of these! I have MS and have been on opioids since 1995 because of the pain.
    I am a certified aromatherapist that wanted alternative choices. Six months ago, with the support of my Dr I started tapering down my morphine. I have done this by making my own 600mg CBD salve with Copaiba added to it. I also vape CBD and ingest CBD.
    Good news I have gone from 80mg of morphine down to 15mg. I hope to be off this one last pill in the next few weeks.

    I really can't say enough about the "wonderful" benefits of these two.

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