Concerns with marijuana legalization In-Depth Analysis Current Affairs 2019

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  1. At least.. get the pronunciations right lady! Show lil effort in the video for people to actually take interest in the topic.. Wish Dhavan guy would make video on this Topic instead with more detailed facts.

  2. This lady is totally crap. First learn how to pronounce and second not a single death reported till now. It will be legalized soon. We're waiting.

  3. Marijuana which is scientifically cannabis sativa, a psychoactive herb and hemp which is cannabis sativa L. a non-psychoactive one.Thank you

  4. According to a research marijuana first came into human life in regions of nowadays Siberia and Mongolian land around 12000 B.C.

  5. Very well presented madam. However if you could give the comparisons of its addictive property with other narcotics or even with coffee, that would be really great. Also the history of it, means why and when it was banned? Which country insisted? and who is getting profit out of it and why it is legal in other developed countries?

  6. Every demerit is found in most addictions , ganja sells, why doesn't govt removes the ban and collect taxes instead , we will get pure ganja .
    Indians always despise their roots while the world is smoking and selling.
    We will ultimately legalize it afrer giving the foreign/rich people to capture the business untill we do ( already the reality).
    Megalize larijuana

  7. Ban by British government for the selling of alcohol 🍷,tobacco, smoking 🚬. Hopefully ban should b removed

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