This Channel Posts EVERY SUNDAY!✅ here is the entire Cannabis grow lifecycle from clone to harvest. I go over everything from the beginning and take you all …


  1. I think this is my longest video I have ever made and hope you guys find it interesting right until the end. Here are the links to all the other videos I reference if you want to see more in depth detail on some of the gardening practices performed. If you have questions just drop them down below. I will be going through and answering everyone. Or just say hi 😉
    How To Clone Video –

    How To Transplant Video –

    How To Hash Sift Trim Video –

    How To Start an Autoflower Grow Video –

    Last 5×5 update –

  2. Can I use Gaia Green All Purpose and Power Bloom in FoxFarm Ocean Forest and Happy Frog soil? And if so is that all I need are those 2 amendments? Do you have a recommended feeding schedule? I’m looking to try an organic grow

  3. Another amazing video Matt. Daaaaaaaayum, you are a master.
    Quick question – Do you change the RH of your room during flower? What do you think are the optimal RH for veg and flower?

    Keep it up man. I hopped on the WeedTube train just for your channel! But after exploring a bit there are some amazing vids on there.
    Keep doing what your doing. Damn the Man! Save Empire Records!

  4. Hey Bud, Great show but CRANK DOWN the background sounds and music WAY down. It really destroys the overall message. The info and overall message is good and the sounds are well chosen but too loud. Keep up the goog work!

  5. Go to 6:17 and imagine this a rap song. Dude I swear to god it sounds like a kickass rap song. Was mesmerized by your rapping all the way to 9:16. im high af btw

  6. What height do you put the 2×4 that secures the trellis net? What height is the mounting location for the lights? Thanks for all you do, happy growing 😉

  7. i think i like the video but i can’t hear you through a lot of it due to the music being louder than you

  8. @Mr. Canucks Grow. In the states we don't have access to Gaia Green. But we do have Dr. Earth. Have you ever heard of this brands of dry organic nutrient?

  9. I am a complete novice, but I am planning on growing the 4 allowed(Ontario)..Have done research and think for my first go, autoflower. I generally prefer indica, any thoughts? Wish me luck on my first time besides growing chives in the window….I will be able to start them indoor, but will have them housed outdoors…. subbed =)

  10. Bro epic videos. I've just gotten back into growing over the last few months and the most painful thing is waiting for the nugs to cure properly where they smoke smooth and tasty! I always smoke too soon and get butt hurt about the taste or them not being smooth not realizing they've only been dried for ~2 weeks and cured for a few days in jars. lol

    I just toked up on some Cinderella 99 that was dried for 2 weeks @ 50% RH 70F and cured & burped once a day for probably only 5 days and choked up on it. Mainly due to the moisture. THe jars are staying around 55% RH but damn probably another few weeks before they're tasty and smooth!

  11. Excellent video and information, I may switch to that fertilizer. using down to earth products now..than you for the info

  12. Hey dude!

    Quick question if I may,

    I am using organic liquid nutrients (MEDI 1 line up) and I would like to know when you decide to flush?
    I am going to be doing 3 weeks instead of the traditional 2 weeks but was curious on your thoughts.

    Awesome plants and vids!

  13. Tie down plants to control the canopy??????Guess I am the only person who put their lights to the sides so they reach outward and not upward. lol Keeps the plants bushy and short, topping helps too.

    Good video, your clones are very well done.

  14. U stressed it at one point 3rd week we cut the the leaves and every week after you’ll get more buds and it won’t b that airy more dry and dense

  15. Cool, so trim all the sun leaves when you start flower? I thought all the energy comes from those leaves? Looks like direct light is a better trade-off?

  16. Tip, turn down the music volume. At some points it’s hard to hear you and it’s honestly distracting from your knowledge

  17. Great vid man, but you got to dial back the music. It’s comparable to watching a commercial.

  18. Thanks for the good tips and everything I use a lot of your advice. Check this new light leak fix out I made u might be able to use it for your closet

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