Cleveland Woman Arrested for Child Endangerment

On May 19, 2019 at 1:51 am, a woman called 911 reporting her suspicion that her upstairs neighbor had left her three very young children at home unattended.


  1. Interesting that the officer's face is blurred. The mother is a special one, that's for sure… ugh !!

  2. @13:40 ,the mother appeared out of nowhere and scared the hell out of me , thank God those officers 👮‍♀️ apprehended her without incident.

  3. We use to be left alone but my mom was either working or doing something really important , never cuz she was drunker

  4. She was at the bar looking for the next father to be and she probably doesn't know who the fathers are of the ones she has. This what they do get help from the government and just keep having kids and she has a pretty big apartment. I wish I was an illegal then I could sit home on my ass and have taxpayers take care of me. Must be nice. The neighbor probably saved these kids lives. What a piece of shit a mother and these kids are so scared it's disgusting.

  5. Those cops are idiots. Kids are screaming, no one comes to the door after numerous attempts, then they waste time contacting the landlord? Come on. The door should have been broken way before. And the mother is appalling. Here she has 3 kids she doesn’t give two shits about while people can’t have kids and have to pay 50k to try to have them

  6. I would have just busted it down immediately when I heard those babies. So heartbreaking. Glad they got in and saved those kids. That woman doesnt deserve children at all. Kudos to the neighbor for calling.

  7. Sure there are some pos cops out there because we're all human and in general there are pos people out there. But its videos like this that are proof that the strong majority of our police force do not deserve the hate they get.

  8. There are people that can’t be parents that would take these kids in and provide for them and love them like their own. So sad how life works out. Not a care in the world to this woman. I’m sure she is getting government assistance and we have veterans in the street. I’m just without words. I pray she didn’t get these babies back so they don’t have to go through this life abused.

  9. This woman makes me sick. I can’t believe she would leave her kids home alone ! Unbelievable!!!

  10. So she locks her kids in a room so she can go whoring it up at a bar? Are you for real? I'm ashamed to admit that if my parents weren't around. My sister would possibly do the same thing. Or leave the house while they are sleeping.

  11. The lady that calls the cops. She clearly doesn't like the mom. So many subtle jabs. And by subtle, I mean blatant.

  12. I just started the video. But I'm concerned with how easily that cop backkicked the door open. That door looked like it was made of paper.

  13. You have just witnessed the face of so many single mother's of America today, no care, no worries, don't need a man unless I just want sex and those good gov't benefits and child support – don't need to work everyday is a party. Mommy and Daddy moral support on top.

    Folks, go down to your local food stamps (County) office or the SSA field office and just sit there for an entire day for two or three for that matter and you will see how much of this goes on.

  14. I just want to say thank you to these brave men and women who protect us and stand up for what's right. I used to hate cops I was one of the first to scream F Tha police I thought they has it out for me. Come to find out the reason I was seeing them so much was very simple no conspiracy at all simple answer I was breaking the law period. And I was hating cops because they were catching me. Once I became clean and sober what do you know they stopped coming around… remember people it's only criminals who hate cops… so trust me If I can change anyone can change. Cops are not people like us not one bit because we are not worthy enough to be put in the same class as them. They risk there lives every second while on duty and I promise it's not for the 30k a year you gave to be born with that and never forget that and they are the real true heros…. God bless you all and godspeed …

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