Chinese scientists say people smoked cannabis 2,500 years ago

Subscribe to our channel! Incense burners were used for smoking cannabis 2500 years ago, scientists from Beijing announced saying they …


  1. They inhaled it, didn't smoke it if it was in an incense burner, and it was probably done ceremoniously, for reasons we'll never even know, when Confucius was still deep in thought and contemplation. They were probably in a small enclosed area/cave, rather smoky and that's what you breathed in since it wasn't dissipating. Probably the high would last a long while that way. Good idea. Thanks CHINA!! And in other news . . . look kids, it's an opium den.

  2. Ты бы, дружище, рассказал как вечерком раскурили эту эпидерсию.

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