Charlotte's Web CBD Oil Review

My review of Charlotte’s Web Extra Strength CBD oil after taking it for one month. My dosage has been about 28 mg’s/serving and I’ve been taking it 1-2 times …


  1. This would be my first time. I struggle with anxiety. Do I take this in the morning when I start my day or before bed?

  2. i gotta say, i bought this exact one from a local health store. I was hopeful, but AS ALWAYS, skeptical. They recommended I start with half a serving. I noticed, slight calmness but nothing major. Then yesterday, around 8:30pm, I took a full serving. I went to bed around 11:30pm, its the first time in…idk…a year? maybe more, that I slept SO passed out and in deep sleep, that my GF was able to "tuck me in", turn off the lights, everything and I had no idea. Till 7:30am the next morning where body work itself up, I was confused. Still wearing my clothes and watch, lol. I WAS OUT.

    I never felt like I had trouble with sleep, but after last nights sleep, I realize I definitely don't deep sleep and probably wake up often and just don't remember. I am hopeful this will help with my severe worry, anxiety and physical pain from health anxiety. Fingers crossed.

  3. CWBHF (Charlotte's Web Holdings, Inc.) and / NWVCF (EnWave Corp) are my favorite marijuana stocks! Companies practicing conscience capitalism I can morally support! Great review! Only wish it was legal for Military to consume hemp….

  4. I've been doing the Extra Strength CBD from Charlotte's Web for about a week now. Twice a day 1/4 dropper, after breakfast and before bedtime. I noticed its taken away my headaches and back pain. My anxiety has gone down, the physical part of it but in my mind I still have the anxiety. I got mine in chocolate mint flavor. I usually put it under my tongue for about a minute and then chase it with water and then eat a small amount of chocolate and I'm good. So far, I think it's helping me! Last year I took the pill form of CBD and the vape form from a different company and it did nothing for me. I like the Charlotte's Web one the best.

  5. Have u thought about trying out the brand pure kana? I heard that charlottes web and pure kana are both โ€œneck and neckโ€ in the cbd world. I am a newbie so I was going to try CW and see how it goes. Iโ€™ve read some great things about the brand, but pure kana is right up there with them. Thanks for the review!

  6. Chris, can you help me understand something? Charlotte's Web 7 mg bottle is $39.99 and CBD distillery has a bottle which is 1000 mg for $60. The vast difference in mg is super confusing to me and I just don't get it. How can one be only $20 more and such a higher mg?

  7. how soon did you feel effects from oral oil? some people say it has to build up in you body for 2 weeks or something before it has an effect

  8. Chris, have you tried any of the CBD oil isolates? If so, what do you think? I'm gonna try Wellicy's Apple. I'm finding conflicting articles where some say it's more effective than CBD full spectrum Oil on joint pain, and other's saying the opposite.

  9. Chris, thanks for the helpful review, along with the discount code. Based on your review I just purchased the smaller bottle of Extra Strength along with the CW balm. Curious, though, as to why you switched from Pure Kana to Charlotte's Web. I remember in your review of Pure Kana you said it was effective. I was thinking of purchasing Pure Kana, in fact, still have it in my cart.

  10. I have a question here, and its regarding Mental illness, and which cbd product works best for for people treating mental illness?ย 

    Ive heard that Cbd can help to treat people with schizophrenia for example, theres been loads of studies done for exampleโ€ฆ.. but what i want to know, is , for people with schizophrenia for example, can they take the full spectrum with the tiny bit of Thc?ย 

    ย or is is dangerous for people who are vulnerable to psychosis and paranoia to have any Thc what so ever in theyโ€™re system?

    so my question is, could that tiny amount of Thc trigger anxiety and or psychosis in vulnerable people like with schizophrenia for exampleโ€ฆโ€ฆ or, because its not enough Thc to get you highโ€ฆ. is it only when your โ€œhigh" that its possible for psychosis to be triggered ? because the high is mind alteringโ€ฆ.or does the Thc just trigger some chemicals in the brain of vulnerable people that tip them over the edge?โ€ฆ… โ€ฆ. or is it possible for the tiny amount of Thc to build up in your body over time and trigger psychosis and/or paranoiaโ€ฆโ€ฆ.. or no because your not getting โ€œhighโ€โ€ฆ…

    Im basically very confused at the moment if i should take Cbd isolate or Cbd full spectrum to treat my anxiety, im very sensitive and im scared that the Thc, even thought its very low, could trigger my anxiety or even make it worse! because in the past when i smoked weed, it triggered my anxiety really bad, and after smoking weed my anxiety was usually triggered … and for i know, could have been the main โ€œtriggerโ€ for my anxiety to beginn withโ€ฆ..ย 

    So what i want to know is, Is Cbd Isolate on the market for people with psychosis? or is it for something else?โ€ฆโ€ฆ.can people vulnerable to psychosis actually benefit from the Thc?

  11. How many mg of CBD per dose were you taking of this Charlotte Web?

    Also, how strong were the effects compared to smoking CBD flower?

  12. Hi, I'm looking to try my first CBD for chronic pain/anxiety/nausea and fibromyalgia…I'm hesitant because of the small amount of THC, possibly causing extra anxiety/paranoia. Do you think it would cause the additional anxiety/paranoia? Thanks!!

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