Charlottes Web Cannabis Strain Review

Charlottes Web Cannabis Strain Review – this miracle marijuana has one of the highest CBD content of all strains and is considered highly recommended as …


  1. I'm getting Darlotte's Web CBD oil tomorrow. I suffer from high-functioning autism, panic disorder, anxiety, some traits of depression, and most likely PTSD. I also self harm physically and mentally. I'm trying to help make Cannabis medically legal where I live. You can have 0.3% of THC where we live. But I wish they would make it legal here. It has helped others with pain, cancer, and lots of other things. It is so much better than what our doctors prescribe us these days.

  2. Interesting review of a potent medicinal strain. Good flavour & scent is nice, but this variety is meant to be turned into CBD oil rather than smoked isn't it?

    Wikileaf states Charlotte's Web is 15 to 20% CBD, which is 300X greater than the average recreational strain

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