Channel Update – 100k Subscribers Giveaway Results!

I update the channel on upcomming videos and go over the results from the 100k Subscribers giveaway! For stickers, patches and channel updates head to: …


  1. I'm so sad, I love Monty. Hope Monty gets well soon.. Please keep us updated on how he's doing. Tons of Hugs and well wishes going your way Monty! xoxo

  2. Poor Monty, best of luck good ol boy! I know from personal experience with an abscess in my tooth that they can be very serious, if I didnt get the tooth removed and the abscess drained I would have died, I really hope its not the same situation. I dont mean to scare you, I'm sure you'll look after him, good luck dude.

  3. Hey Mathew why don’t you plan a trip with Joe Robinet, or Drenaline Outdoors or Shawn from “Self Reliance “ or Doug Linker they are all your Canadian Brothers. Just a thought.

  4. Matthew it's your personality that people want to watch. good job. come on down to Georgia and we'll go to the swamp

  5. Can I come and have a winter camping with u and Monty please? It will my one and only dream to camp in snow

  6. I so love the cold and snow. In my country we are 24/7 hot sun. 32-34 degree whole year round which is why when i go for holidays i always go during their winter season. I love love watching your videos. Lots of work to building a tent etc in the cold but no stress. Love the Long videos too and the cooking in the cold. Teaches me how to cook in the cold if one day i decided to camp in the cold. Love Monty. Such a lovely dog. So obedient. Hope his eyes is ok. Take care u both. Continue the videos coming. A dog is always THE BEST companion wherever u go.

  7. Congrats to the winners! Hoping Monty is feeling better soon. Did the vet say what caused it?

  8. Poor Monty!! Feel better soon! Thx for the update matthew. You deserve every success! Your attitude and fun loving vids always pick up my day!! Re: the last giveaway – I cant believe people tried to trick you into sending them the knife?!?? Thats such a low low 😠

  9. I hope monteys vet appointment went ok. 🐶🐕 Will be waiting to hear how he is doing. Lots of love to montey 🐶🐕

  10. I think most of your subscribers would want to pitch in to help without hesitation. Hope your all doing well.

  11. Congrats to the winners! Thoughts and prayers to Monty!

    Five weeks to go… and then the Quetico for a solo trip. Pumped!

  12. Hey Matthew, my dog (australian shepherd) had the exact same thing last summer. Turns out, it was an awn in his mouth, traveled all the way behind his eye(!) and the result was an abscess. 2 weeks on antibiotics and he was fine after that. Good luck!

  13. Fabulous opening. I'm sending prayers up for Monty. I've been watching your videos for a few months now and I still get excited when I see a new one out.

  14. Winter camping!!! Still my favorite. Let us know if you need some kind of fundraiser for Monte's vet bills! They can be expensive brother! Keep up the videos!

  15. So happy for your success…well deserved! All your behind the scenes effort in your recording style and editing are not unnoticed. You should be very proud of everything that you have put out…all quality! I say it all the time but your audio is amazing and for those of us that enjoy that type of nature audio, we can tell that is kept in mind. Please give us an update on Monte when possible..take care

  16. Congratulations too all the winners !! ..praying for Monty let him take his time healing …till next time my friends take care …

  17. Aww kiss the Monty on his cheek for us please. I wish him a speedy recovery. Our family really enjoy your vids 👍. Monty is so photogenic, so is Ruger. Can’t wait to see more vids. You are a funny person and love your personality ♥️

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