1. Window period : I used this method twice. The night before and the morning before my urinalysis drug test.

  2. I tried to time myself because I heard you’re supposed to chug it all down, but I drunk it in like a 10 minutes .. will it not work the right way ?

  3. Yea works guys. Took the test and they actually sent the pee off to the company to get it tested and they had me wait a week for the result. I took certo at 11am with Powerade zero, then at 12pm… I didn’t know when they would test me so I was stacking up. I took it as instructed those two times. They finally called me for the test and I took another certo improperly. After the test I went home and took a test at 4 and failed. I was scared like a motha motha. Got the call back and the test I took for the company at 2 was a pass. I think it’s cause I didn’t chug the last batch that I failed the home one. Take as instructed guys. Chug it with gaterade or Powerade and wait two hours before test

  4. I drink coffee in the morning to shit and about a gallon of unsweetened a day and pee more than 5 rime a day I better be clean whooen i test myself

  5. I have a test tomorrow morning… I haven’t smoke in about a month but somehow the tests are still coming back positive so i really hopes this work

    I passed

  6. Certo didn't work for me. I read all about it, I read about all that stuff saying it will work, and it's cheap and easy. Yeah, I know it can drag the toxins out through your bowels, because THC attaches to fat, and the certo stuff is fiber. I read all that, and I was fooled by it. Please don't make that mistake. I'm a heavy smoker, with tons of THC in my body, and I was a bit stupid thinking that drinking fruit pectin was going to do the job for me. I felt really dumb when I was told I'd failed a pre-employment drug test, and it was my own stupid fault. It's hyped, and I don't know why. It's not like anyone's making money recommending you buy certo is it? So why people keep telling you it works, I don't know. It just means people get caught out. Look, do yourself a favor, and stay away from the certo method. I used fake pee for my last pre-employment, and I got the job. The info I used was from this website: lpath.com/sub-solution-reviews/ turned out to be really good quality, reliable, and accurate information. So for crying out loud, don't get caught out with certo.

  7. I have a drug test in a couple days, Monday in the morning. I also bought a QCarbo 20 clear detox with the detox pills included. Should I take both or just stick to the Certo..?

  8. I have a drug test in two days. I did this method, at 2 hours failed. 3 hours passed and 4 hours failed.

    What is the best window of time? Going to do another dry run tomorrow and I will update after the official test.

    Note I am in Australia and used another Pectin available

  9. I have everything to test with expect the cranberry juice will I still pass without cranberry juice ?

  10. I go see my p.o on 26 will this work an how long does it hide the thc or does it wipe the Thc at your body completely

  11. I’m not a heavy smoker and the last time i smoked was two weeks ago but my test is this Thursday. Should i detox or do you think I’ll be fine?

  12. So my parents test me next week if I drink certo tonight will i be good by then last time I smoked was 5 days ago

  13. Bro im so fuckin nervous lmao i smoked today and i have a test sometime next week (ik im stupid blah blah) but i do have a question. I bought 2 boxes of certo so 4 packs. Would it help even more if i did 2 packs in the gatorade before the test and 2 the night before?

  14. THIS WORKS!!! Passed my drug test. I took a at home drug test without the certo and it came back positive. Took certo the night before as well as another at home drug test and it came back negative. The next morning I took certo again and PASSED my official drug test! WOULD RECOMMEND!!

  15. I’m a heavy smoker. , 3.5-grams daily , I have probation drop in one week , if i stop like 2-3 days smoking before my test and do this method do you think I’ll pass or does it work only for users that smoke frequently

  16. Guys I’m nervous, I’ve been using my weed pen daily and took like 10 hits every 3 hours or so and I have a drug test Thursday

  17. Does it have to be sure jell because in uk we don’t have it, Cd you use any form of pectin

  18. Certo works!! Didnt drink a full gallon of water threw in some cranberry juice and passed my u/a for probation. Following all steps is a gurantee!

  19. Took the certo with a 16oz gatorade, then in about an hour after i was able to finish 32oz of water. Peed 4 times in between, and made sure to take 3 of the B12 vitamins. In total, it was about 2 1/2 hours from when I took the certo until i took my practice drug test, and I failed. Am i doing anything wrong? Should i try more water, less water, more certo packets, what would anyone recommend? (Keep in mind my interview is this thursday, in 3 days)
    Edit: its been 7 days since i smoked last

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