Central Oregon Cannabis Growing – Growing Exposed Season 2 Episode 8

James Knox, of KLR Farms is a grower with over twenty years of commercial growing experience, and he isn’t …


  1. This guy swears so much and really says nothing of value at all. Shut up if you got nothing for me to learn. I'm not watching this show for you to nag about stuff.

  2. fuk this lady, so useless you could just put 19y old sexydoll just for advertisement

  3. Hi, I work for a lender company and we fund start – ups and cannabis businesses, if you guys are serious in starting a business in the cannabis world, I can help out! Only in USA. Thank you & Have a nice day!

  4. Wow, this guy is a major douchebag. Shame on you for giving this idiot the time of day. There are so many humble growers who deserve spotlight but you chose this white supremacist looking cornball a platform to push his shitty outdoor mids onto people. Gimmie a break.

  5. I thought nice people were in the cannabis business…..🤔 makes me wonder about this guy. 🤠

  6. I like the show, but I am getting tired at the put downs of backyard outdoor home grows. Some of us grow in conditions as tough as any commercial grower. And some growers can pull off harvests of bud that is as good as anything grown commercial.

  7. Good episode man. I like the boss from KLR farms, real straight shooter with no bullshit and you can tell how much he cares just from his body language without even listening to his words.

  8. Love the show but that grower James is a douchebag . What a kook . Go see Kaligrownbudz in NorCal . Excellent backyard organic no till grower 🙏🌞💦🌱🌳

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