1. there are many more uses for CBD than for seizure we got our high blood pressure under control to such a point after three months we could drop the pills my husbands been on for 40 years it regulated his weight to such a point he lost 42 kilos and as he was almost diabetic we also had to change our diet to fit in with that we now both off all the medications the doctor prescribed MD s only giagnose and give you meds to suppress the symptomes , naturopathic doctors go from the point you give your body what it needs and it will heal itself i been studying now naturopatic meds for over 6 years and even tho i was diagnosed six years ago with COPD and told it will kill me and theres no cure well its gone i am healthy as can be , every one can be getyourself a good vitamin mineral suppliment to your food and cut out the ten bad foods , that can be seen too on Dr Gliddens youtube pages , we will never be with out CBD and THC again

  2. my mum is totally fine with cbd. i can smoke it everywhere. but 15 years it was terror for her for me to smoke thc. but atm i am fine with cbd. peace out yoo 😀

  3. Weed is addictive, you either never smoke it, or you end up smoking it every day. After years of use, it will destroy your short term memory.

  4. Just got some mile high cbd joints and holy shit its works great! I had to quit smoking a while back and now I have hope I can get my anxiety under control again

  5. CBD is legal if it's sourced from hemp. I know a wonderful company.. It's pricey, but great quality. It's only 1 to 3 drops 3x per day instead of a dropper full. It lasts. Its of the top 5..

  6. Thank you for the informative video and content very useful will use information to better my business

  7. My mom wants me to do cbd but I want to feel the high. Cuz I love that feeling. My parents don’t understand this shirt and they don’t understand that I want to feel high. Is there anyway of feeling high asf but using cbd. Or something with cbd that isn’t as hurtful. Thc can be dangerous

  8. It's a very different " high " from thc high . Shits like diet coke .
    I mixed cbd weed with some good thc weed and felt the same . Either stuff works for me I guess it's a mental thing in my situation . I'm smoking cbd weed because I don't want to be high all the goddamned time . Reality has to be dealt with eventually people hate hearing the bitter truth .

  9. «  controversial ». No. No it isn’t. Everyone knows it’s amazing except a few ignorant loudmouths.

  10. ^^ Crazy video broo, thanks! and the 4.20 long minute is very smart! CBD is a major discovery and man it help so much people! Most important is about the CBD quality. That is why mostly order on plantandhemp.com , the herbs quality is crazy and it is cheap. Have a good day everyone <3

  11. Nothing beats thc.. I laugh my ass off on thc.. If I’m too high I just go to sleep. lol gimme some lucky charms and I’m straight

  12. I smoked some of that cbd recovery dab
    Bullshit. Cbd without thc for pain is a placebo like I said for pain cbd is alone your being sold bill of goods. I smoked for over 25yrs it takes thc upright fools

  13. Its amazing all the new things that cbd oil helps.
    It helps my RLS – restless legs.
    I have to watch how much I take because it can give me more anxiety instead of helping it.
    I love all the new discoveries for CBD.
    I'm amazed at all the things cannabis helps.
    Yea for CBD.
    Is it legal in all 50 states now?
    New discoveries everyday on this, I think.

  14. This guy really needs to get off the "Oh I am a loser if I feel good while having my Endocannabinoid System regulate and modulate my immune functions as they were evolved to do. CBD feeds our CB2 Receptors while the Cannabis CBD Oil feed our CB1 Receptorscannabis derived cbd is way more superior than hemp derived oil not only because of the thc levels that’s besides the point a cannabis plant has a high profile of cannabiniods which work together synergistically to help you heal and treat many ailments not to mention the terpene profile terpenes are proven to provide many therapeutic effects

  15. man when u get weed from ur plug and that shit does not get you high he gave u that no thc weed

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