CBD Oils and Supplements Reviewed by ConsumerLab

Tod Cooperman, M.D., explains what’s in CBD oil & hemp supplement brands based on ConsumerLab.com’s tests and comparisons at …


  1. Wow, what a GREAT video. I am a newbie to this CBD stuff and I am trying to learn as much as I can about it – thank you for this incredibly informative video.

  2. I just purchaed CBD in marshmallow form for 500mg…and my pain subsides for at least a two days..(fibromyalgia, ATELECTASIS and hip pain)

  3. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I got panic attacks after smoking marijuana, cannabis. Wanted to know if CBD is beneficial for me or make it worse. If helps I'll appreciate if you can give me the Brand name that you trust. Thanks

  4. I love CBD has changed my life it has helped my pain and anxiety I made a few vids about my results. I explain how I use CBD for pain and the possible side effects of CBD Oil.

  5. Marijuana is legal,federally in my country and so is cbd, u can buy both at the store , just like beer , if your 18 years old or older

  6. Great product, have had various pains for years , I use the oil before bed and the balm on lower back , hips neck and shoulders , pain is all but gone

  7. Went to your website for information..but SADLY ..a person has to join & PAY a fee for membership to get access to your report.. WHY don't you inform people of that…
    Disappointed here.

  8. I started taking CBD oil for chronic pain d/t OA, RA, & fibromyalgia. I can say for certain there are clinical benefits… I used to not be able to make it through 4 8hr shifts/wk as an STNA/CNA in a nursing home w/out limping in pain, & now thanks to CBD I make it through 4-5 12hr shifts/wk w/out limping in pain!! I’ve worked at least 2 8hr shifts & 14 12hr shifts in the last 3wks & pain has been catching up to me, but sleep deprivation & stress from working hellacious travel PRN job & starting new full time job all in the same wk & period causing flare in diseases has a whole lot to do w/ that!! I can’t work a day w/out it!! If I had a choice b/t my lyrica & naproxen & CBD oil I’d choose the CBD oil no doubt about it!! I went to work an 8hr shift w/out taking CBD oil last month & it was hell!! I take the isolate w/out any trace of THC in it. It is God’s given medicine to all mankind, & the govt needs to realize that!!

  9. At the green dispensary they say they are going to be selling "medical grade" CBD can this be true and what does that mean? I assume it means stronger concentrate. Can we know for sure? In this state of Arkansas they will not let me grow and distill my own, it seems that this is the only way to know you are getting the strongest does possible.

  10. Omg my new boss ask me to learn this info…THANK YOU!
    Your the man!!! Thanks for making it so easy for peeps like me to understand. Cant wait to educate myself more with your videos!

  11. Just smoke weed. God put it in the earth for me and you. ENJOY. I am about to indulge right now. Happy smoking you all.

  12. Why don't they tell us what place has good cbd its not easy to focus in pain and I'm about ready to go so I won't feel this pain it's too much now.

  13. Hi Dr I’m a long time survivor of menigioma and wanted to know is there a natural way to shrink this brain tumor. Orbit and near optic nerve. I do use CBD oil for health benefits as well as to help decrease anxiety associated with PTSD AND ANXIETY. Thanks!

  14. I purchased a well known brand of Broad Spectrum CBD Oil hoping to benefit from the
    Terpenes and Flavonoids without the THC. 
    Anything I’ve seen and read describes Broad Spectrum as “the same as
    Full spectrum but without the THC” Full spectrum has the Terpenes in it.  After I purchased my Broad Spectrum Product I went to their website and looked up the 3rd party lab report by my
    batch number, the report stated there were no detectable Terpenes. 

    I called the Lab who did this report….they said that broad spectrum CBD Oil does not
    necessarily have to have Terpenes.

    Any input appreciated

  15. What brand of CBD Oil I can buy at the vitamin shoppe ? It is for my relative that has chronic back pain

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