CBD Oil Side Effects – Everything you Need to Know Before taking CBD Oil

CBD Oil Side Effects are many new users main concern. Especially because of the wide variety of conditions CBD is being used to treat, there has to be some …


  1. PS – your an IDIOT ! nobody wants to watch a FREAKIN hand holding a pen writing what your narrating ! Dumb Ass……

  2. Did you know that Israel has been using CBD since 1970 I researched CBD and found this information and I have to admit it truly bothered me .Why were we not told of this miracle?

  3. In those studys I would guess the ”side effects” are from consuming to much oil and not the CBD it self. You often need something to carry the CBD in and those things can have the side effects.

  4. “ After all it comes from the cannabis plant, which is a drug” LOL no sir the cannabis plant is not a drug, the cannabis plant contains THC and other cannabinoids that can be considered or are classified as drugs, please be clear in your assertions

  5. Drowsiness it’s like smoking It i know people that smoke it they’re totally different like Drowsiness and Dumb

  6. CBD & The real thing, can really help! Big Pharma doesn’t care about YOU, We are the test rats for the money grubbing pigs! The only bad thing about a medical card, is that you will be denied a concealed carry permit! I’d rather have my weapons than legal weed! SURE,You can trust big brother! Just ask any Apache,Souix,Cherokee,Comanche, or any Indians living on awful reservations. Hokahay!🐺🦅🏹🏜🌅🗡⚔️🏴‍☠️

  7. It seems to me that you are yappin' a whole lot .. but nothing specific .
    I think everyone should keep an open mind but dont let these people who are actually selling it , rip you off.
    Remember that burdock root craze that claimed a cancer cure at 75 bucks a half month supply?
    I hope cbd gives me some help with pain from working so hard because I know Aleve is not good for our livers, right?
    Irwin naturals have one with L theanine and one with ashgawanda too so thats the two combination we are trying.
    So far I am sleeping longer consecuative hours.

  8. Anyone who wants true cbd oil. from small hemp farmer in ky that is putting out quality over Quantity messages me to buy straight from the source and bypass the crazy middle man mark up. 1968ls1camaro@gmail.com contact me it’s my best friends farm currently putting out 20 acres of hemp and growing. I didn’t believe in the cbd oil intel trying it for a illness I have myself. Has helped my joint pain very noticeable amount. I’d like to just help them grow.

  9. Is been helping me with my ptsd , I honestly feel so calm and peaceful…. I notice that I’m not so hungry anymore and my mouth is so dry but I can live with that I feel much better 💚💚💚💚

  10. Car batteries, mail envelopes, fossils, and probably a few old school erasable ink pens that came out in the 80s.

  11. Its not psychoactive but if you are on CNS drugs be careful there are drug interactions which can hurt you.

  12. Cannabis is not a “drug”, THC is, so please get educated on the subject and look up definition of words.

  13. Please be clear. The plant cannabis is not a “drug”! THC is a drug, so if you are making videos on the subject please be a little more educated on hemp!

  14. You people need to talk about acahol the killer responsible for alot if death mary Jane not one person has died from 420 i can't wait until all ignorant losers are wiped off the face of earth get with God!


  16. And there goes the doctors and government making this videos to scare off this good medicine all natural from plants of our nature..but they just want to get you stuck on taking there medicines and charge your insurance money pharmacies need doctors to prescribe medicine for everything but with CBD you can get rid of a lot of things with out drugging your body with a bunch of pills…CBD is the cure….

  17. It helps control hypper immune system at therapeutic levels. Works well with various herbs, Cellcept, and Buedsonide. Works great to help reduce inflammation and liver enzymes.

  18. I had almost immediate relief of a anxiety and sleeping difficulty that I have been plagued with since my husband was sick and died. I am so thankful for a safe relief after t years. I have no side effects

  19. I took 4 drops twice a day for 2 weeks. It did nothing for my anxiety but it did make me nauseous the whole 2 weeks. I stopped it & the nausea went away. I really needed it for anxiety & depression.

  20. I have not tried it yet , but I'm a chronic pain patient , with fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis up and down my spine and have pebbles of it on the bottom of my feet , it's in my knees , SA joints and my hands. I have been on oxycodone for 15 years and now they want me off it ASAP . I'm going to put my faith in B + CBD OIl and give it a chance. I really need the relief.

  21. I just want to point out, Cannabis is a plant and not a drug. Drugs tend to be a processed chemical isolated and packaged to combat a symptom. I believe you can make drugs from Cannabis. Hemp is a Cannabis plant that most CBD on the market is harvested from. Hemp holds lower THC levels than Marijuana. Hemp is not considered a drug. 🤨

  22. I had to try it the minute i heard about it they were fully stocked at out health food store so i bought a bottle of the gummies first $30.00 bucks i tried a pineapple one it was good melted in my mouth there was a whole lot of ailments it helps with written on the bottle. A couple days later i see a whole store selling it i go in this time i wanted the liquid i tasted 4 diff flavors i chose orange $95.85 for that taken twice daily two week supply i mostly wanted it for aches and pain i so hoped it would do something. A few days of takng it i had some rum chata i felt completly intoxicated for about an hour. I cant really tell if its doing anything i feel a little jittery i only hope i didnt waste my money on snake oil.

  23. Better than CBDs are Terpenes. I have used the Terpene Myrcene for pain and to help with insomnia and the terpene beta-Caryophyllene for my anxiety and depression.

    Over the last month I have had some amazing results with the Terpenes from BloTerps.com

    The first day I tried 1 dropper of Myrcene mixed in some juice and in 30 minutes my body felt amazing. Sometimes I will even put it in my coffee for a body Buzz in the morning but it definitely makes you want to sleep or atleast couch-locked lol.

    The beta-Caryophyllene also kicked in at the 30 minute mark and had me acting very highly and goofy with just 0.5ml dropper dose. I use it whenever I need a bit of uplifting and it helps me to get my mind calm with a wave of happiness.

    Let me know what your experience with terpenes was like.

  24. Someone asked for recommendations. I live in England and I used Van Houy oil drops which are very good. Then Holland and Barratt started selking three mo.re brands two months ago. And creams etc. I'm now using Holistic Herb Premium cbd oil spray . Its even better and cheaper. Only one spray dies what 2/3 drops did. I've heard the Charlottes Web brand recommended in the States. I woke at 3.00 am and just look another spray , getting drowsy now , Thank God . K

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