CBD Oil Reviews (2019) Is This Any Good?

CBD Oil Reviews 2019 – Is this CBD oil any good, and are edibles worth it? Find out in this video. 15% off for all products on provacan.co.uk with coupon code …


  1. Could anyone answer this, if I take the drops and have to a road side drug test. Would I pass ?

  2. And if you say you know so much, you should know you really have to shake the bottle before ingestion

  3. OMG you guys can just buy this?

    We're so far behind in Australia that I'm going to need a referral from a doctor to participate in a clinical trial!

  4. Great review Dan. Interesting that you mentioned the earthy taste, that is something we tried to get rid of in our Filter Pure CBD Cannabis Oil. I'll get a bottle over to you to try 🙂

  5. Thanks Mate I just sat and watched this video with mom. Tried cbd E juce a month ago and it took away my anxiety right away. Unfortunately, it is not possible to buy in Sweden anymore. my mother has

  6. Provacan has great reviews but not sold in the U.S. Do you know of any brands that can Compare in the U.S.

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!! My anxiety is usually of the scale. It has crippled my life. I have kept pushing through it, telling myself not to be so weak. Then I saw this video so I bought some capsules. I had been taking them for just over a week and I was driving to work when I noticed something was different. There was a quietness inside my mind and body and it is still here. If you do nothing else please know that due to you making this video you have changed my life completely and the life of my partner and family. Thank You!

  8. What cbd would be good to try for someone who’s had.Esophogitis. Gastritis ? Had also gastroparesis. For a long time. I’ve never tried it but people keep telling me to maybe. What would be good to start what type ? I don’t know if I can swallow pills again yet I wasn’t able to in the past two years 😌

  9. Can you take CBD if you are on prescribed drugs for anxiety and depression. Are they safe to use together?

  10. Me Clicks on video
    Me i like your voice / the way you talk

    My friend he sounds like you

    Me what do you mean

    Friend if you would shut up about trains music and bananas it would be the same


    So that was went on about 30 seconds ago
    But i really haven't seen much on this so i really appreciate the new video
    Oh and i live in the us we may have the plant itself on a state level but its illegal on a federal level its weird but yeah

  11. I could do with some lozenges right now. I also I have a sore throat and can't sleep with a cough. I will have a look at this product. Kicking myself because I lost my bank card and really buy mich online until the new one comes. I hold the record for most lost bank cards ha

  12. CBD is amazing. I'm glad you're bringing awareness to this. I hope it helps a lot of people.

  13. I use the gummys that you reviewed there decent. Not a strong effect but they help when my hands are sore from playing games

  14. Blimey Dan, you are starting to speak so fast these days I can barely keep up with you. Slow down a bit please.

  15. I started taking this 2 days ago for back pain and anxiety and it’s 10% strength but expensive at €54. Wish I could get this on the medical card from my doctor .

  16. CBD dosage levels are very important. Too low can increase anxiety and irritability. High doses will make you sleepy and help alleviate pain (useful for insomnia). 🐯

  17. In about 2 weeks I must have a conversation with my sons psych because of the use of cbd. They dont want it because they dont no the effect on long term. I really dont want that conversation. School is on my site. And we dont want anny other medicine for my son. Cbd is amazing! Lets all pray for us that the psych care givers will understand why we use it. All backing up stores are helpfull for us. Please email me your background info on cbd and what it does for you Chirley.devries@gmail.com
    We life in the netherlands so its absurd that this is an issue

  18. If you haven't, can you try them and then tell us what you think is best out of the stuff in this video and valerian roots?

  19. I heard valerian roots are good against anxiety and insomnia. So I might try those. Have you tried them?

  20. Hai doggo. (Say hi to your dog from me) I might try that oil, but I don't wanna become dependant on it.

  21. Can confirm cannabis oil or edibles or smoking is an effective way to dull the sensory issues and mental load. Quite relaxing and distracting.

  22. I got some 10 mg capsules from Holland and Barrets after I asked you about them the other day. Cheers bro

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