CBD OIL – Interview with a Therapist

I had the privilege of interviewing Mental Health Therapist Tara Nichols about the new, organic, THC-free CBD oil coming soon to Young Living. We discuss the …


  1. I was just looking for this. I am very satisfied with this presentation. Thanks for this great informative video.

  2. I wanna try this but marijuana made me so paranoid and serverly anxious what are the side effects for this CBD oil I’m scared to try this 🥺🥺🥺

  3. I just bought a vape I have panic disorder and I been taking Prozac for couple of years I plan on stopping Prozac because it's causing stomach problems I have to say I do feel calm and relaxed and my ankles feel better. So far so good but I can't say a hundred percent because Prozac is still in my system so fingers crossed and pray

  4. I understand that a lot of CBD oil has kava root mixed in with it does plain CBD oil work on anxiety or must you have the kava root mixed in with it. Because I'm in recovery I do not want to use anything with THC in it

  5. Please help!! I've been thinking about wanting to use cbd oil for my anxiety. I haven't been diagnosed. But i believe i have generlized anxiety. I'm having trouble sleeping and I'm having back problems from tension. I hear it just makes you relaxed,and has no effect on your brain. Is that true?

  6. I used to smoke weed regular, now all I do is freak out. Literally, you couldn’t write the things I think when I am high…still I need something for my anxiety, is CBD oil the way forward for someone like me? What is the best form of it? Thank you. 😀

  7. I am soo interested in becoming a hemp g rower or distributer because It has helped me with my social anxiety, stress and insomnia and I know it will help hundreds of others.

  8. It has helped me so much with PTSD, mood, sleep, social anxiety, stress, etc. I could even see myself becoming a hemp grower because I want to help other people too.

  9. I’m pretty sure you cannot extract CBD from THC all the way . You would have like 0.1 THC and the rest depending on the brand. I personally have stopped taking CBD has made me feel depressed and spaced out. CBD doesn’t takes the pain away in my legs I have mitositis. I took a ten mg of THC in a pill that boosted my happiness and took the pain away in my legs

  10. Thanks for great information. My son has ADHD. He is 15yrs old. Can he use it ?? Where can I get CBD oil?

  11. I know this has probably been answered already.. But please dumb it down for me… I've been diagnosed with bipolar depression.. Also see a neurologist for migraines and tension headaches. So i take many medications & deal with many mental/emotional/physical situations. Will adding the oil be ok ?. Tried smoking, i hate the "high", i cannot control it & i still felt the headache & times i still felt the "pain" & only felt "ok" briefly. What do you recommend?

  12. Love this interview and found it to be super valuable. We love CBD as much as you do! Keep up the great content!

  13. A friend of mine has been smoking marijuana all his life and he is now 60 and he is a very successful man that works with his own hands and builds houses etc so marijuana is no more dangerous to mental health than purified water.

    Antidepressants and antipsychotics are more dangerous to the human mind and brain as a strict nine poison that destroys brain tissue and shrinks brain tissues.

    A very good combination is wild lettuce tincture with hemp oil. Wow it works so well and my major depression syndrome is gone gone gone with my body pain. Praise Jesus. Amen +

  14. Cannabidiol often abbreviated as CBD is one of the prominent cannabinoid compounds found in the cannabis plant. Highly known for its medicinal properties, this cannabinoid compound does not make you feel stoned. Derived from the Hemp Plant, CBD interacts with the regulatory system of the body to boost the processes and improve the bodily functions.

  15. its good info nice vid, one thing you should know. its all hemp… there is only hemp… some can have CBD or THC most have both.

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