CBD Oil High: Will it really Get you high? Find out! [2019]

Does CBD oil get you high? Let’s find out: There are different types of CBD oils, with different %age of CBD and THC present in it. If you order your CBD Oil …


  1. I keep hearing people claim it doesn't get you high. However I feel pretty dam good. It's so good I'm buying a second bottle today.
    I'm impressed and surprised. I definitely feel something off of it.

  2. Idk I just bought some vape cbd juice from a vape shop because of so many things messed up on my body lol was weary of smoking because I stopped smoking weed a year ago for a job either way vaped it and I feel high lol I mean I wake up out of my sleep feeling amazing all the parts that used to hurt don’t hurt anymore or as much and my anxiety has dropped , shit that trips me out is everyone says it doesn’t get you high but I feel high sometime like I just puffed a blunt lol but it doesn’t last long like a 20 min high and the rest a
    Body high

  3. I stopped buying that shit cause it does not get you high and it's fake. Reason I buy it illegally. Try smoking Loud it's better.

  4. Curious at what level does CBD/THC vape oil make you really high. Can you function and work at what ratio? I do believe some of both is needed for benefits. I see 1:1 ratio. Does that make you really high? I know a lot depends on the person. What do you think?

  5. if you take more cbd then thc you wont get high or i mean people should not but in some i heard they do.. thc is required in some illnesses to take in highr doses.. great video

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