CBD Oil For Pain – Truth About CBD Oil

Thanks for watching guys. I really want to spread the message about this wonderful gift of nature. CBD oil have changed my life and I know it will change yours …


  1. Hi where do you live I am in the U.K and I am using CBD oil for anxiety and muscle spasms due to tourettes syndrome I want to change brands.
    I live in the U.K but do not want to pay huge shipping costs and dutie tax to you know of a good brand available in the U.K

  2. Wow thanks thanks for sharing this amazing video darling this really so helpful and I’m happy finding your channel. Xoxo

  3. Or to suffer from the pain where individual have committed suicide from the pain was to strong.

  4. It's definitely helped me with my anxiety and high blood pressure along with my very bad chronic lower back pain. I can't live without and love it so much.

  5. is the whole bottel 600 mg or do u take 600 mg a day? i have 50mg cbd 3.4mg thc capsules that are lab grade lab tested my good friend is big in the industry n made from the hemp strain its a full spectrum cbd oil with all terpines intact i take 200-300 mgs in 50 mg caps spaced out from morning to night time for pain management i just had steel screws n plates instulled in my left four arm from a bad biking injury n im thinking 300mg works pretty great i allso injest full spectrum bho canabis extract capsules about 100-150 mgs a day spaced out in 30 mg doses n its just great 🙂 i pay 2.50$ per 50mg full spec cbd pill from the maker thank goodness i know him well cuz its a huge rip off buying cbd at shops and on line i find unfortunately alot of ppl have no choice

  6. Thank you so much for putting this video up. I’ve been couch-ridden with chronic abdominal pain for over a year. The doctors don’t know what’s wrong. They even took my gallbladder out — and there was nothing wrong with it! I can’t do anything physical. At all. You made me feel comfortable enough to try this. I’m hoping and praying this works — ASAP. I love that you’re working with animals, too. You’re a good man! Thank you for everything. I subscribed to your channel. I can’t get enough information on the CBD oil, and anything to do with animals makes me happy! xo

  7. Question, I take CBD Oil and scared to take a piss test, How long should I take this BEFORE I goto my Pain Managment?

  8. Excellent and informative… thank you !
    When doctors completely failed, CBD completely ended my symptoms of Vertigo.
    (took 3-4 days to kick in and has been working for a year now)

  9. How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  10. I Really Like it, I suffer from fibromialgia, I use the 300mg… I was hoping that some one else used it… Because at first I wasn't to sure about it… But this is exactly my second bottle… The first one was 100mg and the rep told me that mist of the people that suffer from fibromialgia uses 300mg…

  11. I tried the everyday advanced from Charlottes web for 6 weeks and it did nothing for my chronic pain. I was involved in a welding accident. I broke my back and neck in 6 places, both of my arms, both of y shoulders were shredded and I broke my left leg. I am currently recovering from my 29th surgery from my accident which happened in 1988. I have terrible chronic pain. My pain is made worse with my Fibromyalgia. I have just over 60 pieces of titanium in me. Of course, if you throw i my cancer surgery I had in 2015, we can make it an even 30 surgeries…
    The Everyday Advanced from Charlottes web did not work for me and thankfully they have a money back guarantee they offered for me. I am willing to try most anything. My whole body pain is terrible and my sciatic pain is just insane. I need relief. I see a pain doctor but with these new government regulations for this "opioid crisis" where they target us who are doing everything by the book, WE are suffering…I am sick of it. I am hoping I find something strong enough to cut this pain for me.

  12. Wonderful presentation. Medical science is good at diagnosing and classifying, but the field of traditional medicine's cure rate is abysmal, especially when it comes to alleviating pain. I have spinal stenosis and arthritis. My pain is a daily floor show of "amusements." Of course I am willing to try CBD. If it works for me, I will gladly become a spokesperson for this natural remedy, as well.

  13. Nice to see a fellow animal lover. I have a German shepherd called Valentine and she's my world! I need a bit of guidance with which strength to start with. I have spinal stenosis and I am on a lot of pain meds but still have severe chronic pain. Any suggestions is much appreciated 💞

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