CBD Oil For Pain | Should I Try It?

CBD oil is fairly new and I have heard that it may help with my chronic pain. It has been said to help with seizures, muscle spasms, diabetes, cancer, anxiety, …


  1. My daughter takes it for pain, insomnia, migraines and neurological damage from her cancer treatments. I have Chronic pain and fibromyalgia and auto immune disorder with psoriatic arthritis pain as well. Charlottes Webb is a great CBD Oil they organically grow the plants as well. It comes from the Hemp plant. Try it. God Bless. ❤❤❤🙏

  2. Check out "OMG" Moringa. Its only abt $10 for a 90 day supply at 1 teaspoon aday. I have been on Moringa for over 90 days and it works to eliminate pain like no bodies business…it started working for me just 10 days into it. I could not be happier. I learned about it from Brad on the Big Family Homestead. We expect all 50 states within the next 5 years to legalize Marijuana and anywhere that you can grow peppers you will be able to grow Marijuana when it becomes legal.

  3. There are 2 different kinds you can take… one from marijuana and the other from hemp. My dog has cancer and I am giving her hemp cbd oil that has extended her life by months now. I also care for a woman with Parkinson's who has started the marijuana CBD with low level THC and it has helped her a lot. I am thinking of taking it for my chronic pain as well.

  4. I started taking it last September for back and hip pain. I was also grieving my husband’s death and having problems sleeping and crying a lot. It helped all of these symptoms. I get mine from https://livlabsnow.com

  5. I am interested in this too and also for my dog. I am also afraid of who to order from. Can't seem to pull the trigger. Very interested in your research. I'll also look at the comments.

  6. I have thought about CBD for pain too but the price always kept me away. I HAVE found something that works the same if not better is Moringa oleifera powder. I mix 1 tbs. it into a small smoothie and it did take me few days to the flavor just right, as moringa is pretty strong. I have been taking it a week, once a day and I am already noticing pain is going away. I tried the Kuli Kuli brand and its very high quality. I wish you luck your healing.

  7. Hi I would try it my high school friend says it worked for him with pain my deceased wife had terrible joint pain and I wish she had tried it before suicide anything natural getting away from drugs is good common sense we need more of that today in my humble opinion God bless you ask him in prayermaybe

  8. i would like to know if you start taking it how long does it take to know if it's going to work for you!?!

  9. it's good if you can use something more natural than NSAIDs like ibuprofen as they can possibly cause a lot of horrible side effects, especially if you use it long term. Nausea, stomach ulcers, hypertension and cartilage damage just to name a few.

  10. I have taken so much ibuprofen over the years that it was starting to scare me, so I started using kratom. That's an herb from Southeast Asia that is useful for pain. It has really helped me. I had some CBD salve, but I couldn't tell it helped much. Kratom is controversial and is illegal in a few states. But it's helping me. Hope you find something that helps.

  11. Try Green Horizon CBD Save for pain. You put it on the area that hurts and it works wonders for my hips. You only use a small amount as needed.

  12. I say try it & there is a very recommended CBD oil grown in Wisconsin its called Cannabis Cultivators of Wisconsin. Ok now for my "testimony" or at least the "short version". I have terrible back problems (all three levels of the spine, tree fell onto car as I was driving then Surgery gone terribly wrong at 35yrs old) and was on extremely high doses of Morphine & Hydrocodone/ibuprofen for nearly 20 yrs with 20% pain relief on best day. I took myself off all pain meds almost 2yrs ago because of worsening pain and new health concerns. I lost my Son tragically (a month before his 18th Bday) 16 years ago 12/28.
    I was against "pot" in fact I had a very bad attitude about it for last 30 yrs (a bad marriage thing lol) so I shut ppl down when they suggested CBD out of ignorance. Geez this is getting long….I researched the heck out of it and finally decided to give it a go last month (which is the toughest month of the year for me physically & emotionally). I could only afford to do one bottle (I tried Charlotte's Web brand as recommended to me by someone "in the know" in the "extra strength" which is 16.5mg per ml. It comes in 6.5, 16.5, 50 & 60 mg per ml to give you an idea on where I started ). It was about 10 -14 days worth. I didn't have high expectations given my pains resistance to so many other things, weather related increase in pain, & stress of that time of year. I wasn't looking for the mind/emotional benefits. Let me start by saying the improvements I noticed were not like "bam – take meds feel better" and I fully expect that things would keep improving if I could afford to stick with it. The most noticeable improvement is that I am able to feel joy. I mean true Joy and not the "fake it till you make it" type of the last 16yrs (I have been living in a numb state since my Son passed). I didn't expect nor think that would happen but it did. When I find a way to afford it again I will absolutely do it and I feel confident my pain would improve with a longer time using cbd. Go for it!

  13. DMSO, raw eggs, raw meat. Or meat as rare as you can take it. Liver is the best for every nutrient all at once.

  14. I just bought a bottle of the oil not sure if I will use it let us know if it works. I paid 20.00 for a bottle not sure If I will use it. Bless you pray for you every day you are a special lady.

  15. Be careful and be prepared if you do try it. My neighbor tried a supplement that had no THC. She ended up psychotic and paranoid and was hauled off by the cops. Just know what you're getting.

  16. I have a connective tissue disorder and have been experimenting with CBD for a few months. I'm a medical patient but can only use high CBD products and I've found that the right dose can reduce inflammation and in turn reduce pain quite a bit. The biggest thing to know is that all CBD products are not created equal. Only buy from companies that have 3rd party labs to view. You don't want to ingest pesticides, mold, heavy metals, etc. CBD takes time to build up in your system so you may not see a difference right away. Also, the right dose for your needs can be tricky and take some time to figure out. The book "CBD: A Patients Guide to Medical Cannabis – Healing Without the High" has a TON of good info to get you started. You could check the library for a copy or Amazon. ☺️

  17. CBD has changed my life It is derived from the Hemp plant…which are sort of one and the same. Your right though it doesn't have the THC that cannabis does…But there is also cannabis oil it does have the THC content… My husband lives in severe chronic pain and he is able to still work because of it…I can get patches and roll on for it as well the patch is great you get a steady supply into your system Since pot was legalized in Canada CBD sales have gone crazy so much so it is had to get a steady supply so you have to stay on top of your orders until they get supply organized …I sleep better then i ever have on CBD I don't know of any of those side effect maybe on weed oil i don't know but not on the CBD 100 bucks are you serious 17 dollars for that bottle in Canada ok look up this lady she is in the US and in on my FB i have ordered from her for other things but she has been selling CBD for awhile now or look into the company she is a rep for
    https://www.facebook.com/winwithJudy Her name is Judy K Long and she is a rep for Hempwrox

  18. if you can grow it yourself= money saved. there are strains that are low on tbc and high in cbd…..good luck and blessing to you.

  19. Do you know how many Pharmaceuticals have been found to not even be what they say they are!? The day I trust the FDA ibuprofens almost killing me along with the other things that I'm trying to wean off cuz I just don't think they're helping me. I either thyroid medicine for a cancerous tumor in my thyroid rather than just having taking it out when it was a spec. They'd rather wait and take out your whole thyroid which is a ridiculous thought! I would do anything to be able to try this oil I'm going to a place that obviously has good stuff as you're going to know if it's in there or not. I know somebody who bought some off the internet for $10 and I knew it was made out of hay or something but they were having a placebo effect so I just kept my mouth shut and said make sure you look into who's making it and tell them how much it cost here or it's legal and then they got a little suspicious on their own. I have so much to say about all of this and things that other people have said but if you can afford it I say go for it! I'm in so much pain right now I can barely sit up to read this or listen to it. And it shouldn't be that way I took care of myself until I was covered with spray for so long that it affected my neurological system

  20. I Have RSD Which is a disabilitating disease in all limbs of my body!! It is Nerve Pain Muscle Spasms It’s breaking down the nerves the muscles and then the bones I’m on my muscles as we speak as well as the severe constant burning in my limbs for 18 years of my life now I have a pain mgmt doctor and yes I use a interthecal pump I would suggest you see a pain mgmt doctor too As I don’t know how severe your pain is Mine is constant on bad days it can easily be 9-10 I’ve also developed Anxiety this last year I do control a lot of that with the Bible and Jesus with me Daily
    Although a nurse friend sent me a bottle of this Hemp Oil 250 mgs It come in different Milligrams I use the USA 🇺🇸 made Hemp Oil .organic from Amazon Yes they are saying that they can not guarantee that what you buy is 100 % CBD oil Which Hemp and CBD are the same
    I can say that after taking it @ night 20 drops before bed has helped me sleep better than I’ve slept in 18 years It has helped me with my Anxiety & It has boasted my energy levels as well as made the next day so much more bare able then it was before using it..I don’t take pain meds as they constipate me bad…So I had nothing for the break thru pain as they call it Now my pain is very severe I’m on 3 different medications to help control it with the interthecal pump dripping on my spine which does not effect my mind and I Love that!!! But coming from my perspective yes I can see a major difference in my pain levels even in bad days and my mood my sleep my Anxiety which I’m new to Anxiety…
    This is what I use NatulabUSA – Hemp Oil – Fast Results – Relieve Chronic Pain – Ultra Premium Hemp Extract – Pure Hemp Seed Oil – Better Sleep – Healthier Skin – Smoother Hair – 250mg – 1oz- Natural Peppermint Flavor https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075NTJRQY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_UicBCbXSARQS6.
    from Amazon it runs about 23.00 and only using 20 drops at night which it says you can have 20 drops per day So some people break it down ie it thru out the day etc. I prefer it at night I was wanting he sleep and Anxiety was Reason for starting it…The. I realized it was doing wonders for me the next day with my chronic pain and my mood and my energy levels..
    This 1oz bottle last about a month in a half taking it as directed…
    I ya start with something like this make sure it says organic I would stay with USA 🇺🇸 made if possible I’m in Texas and certain places are fining people who carry it out of the home So if you travel be well aware some places are treating it like Marijuana even though it’s not Now we do have doctors that do recommend it and also write scripts for it So do your research there too If you feel you need to know dosage etc for your situation It is very healthy Plant is grown from God and nothing done to it by man Which is the reason it’s working so well I think the laws are lost because they see doctors and insurance loosing money in this wonderful natural product I’ve always said that Marijuana is God’s drug We can take flowers etc from the rain forest and make all these man made drugs But the government has always been down in Marijuana?? I shake my head it has done wonderful things for several children I know that are in severe chronic pain also the CBD Oil has to be clear… If I can help you message me back Hope this shines some light on it I wouldn’t pay those out of mind prices for it That’s for sure and like I said I would keep it at home for we have shops that sell it and only now did we find out the are calling it illegal in certain parts of Texas All thou the Media setup such a fire it’s going to Austin to be rebuked and for them to not take anyone to jail until it’s finalized We have some very upset people including ones in the Media that take it or their children so I still say it’s them not making money on it that’s the ruckus here in Texas I believe Let me know what you decide I highly recommend this I have moved up to the 500mg @ night I first started with the 250mg the nurse friend sent me in the mail…Don’t pay those high price unless you know for a fact it’s 100 % Hemp/CBD Oil Because this world just as well and I healthy for you too!!! I enjoyed hearing about the blood pressure issue Very interesting may have hubby try it…Take care my friend

  21. Hello, I agree that over the counter medicine is not always the best way to go. However I do not know about the oil you are referring to. I agree God made everything but also after the fall of Adam and Eve sin came into the world and other things came also that were not in the Garden of Eden. So with that being said I am not going to condemn nor support a product that I have no idea about. However I do agree going all natural is the way to go. Just like any form of medicine give it 7 to 10 days to see how it works and if you are going to have a reaction to it, it will happen almost immediately. I hope this helps. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful day.

  22. I have been taking CBD oil daily for over a year now. I've had knee surgery and ankle tendon reconstruction along with arthritis in my hands and back. Some days I wouldn't be able to walk normal and at 47 I was not okay with falling apart. I'm not going to say I'm pain free because winter does a job on my old injuries but I'm able to do just about everything I use to and three pain is much better and only here and there. I also get a CBD lotion to help with direct pain on my ankle which is less than a year out from surgery. The lotion I get from Sagley. The tincture of CBD i get from CannazALL.

  23. Of course Sandra, yes please give it a try. I do not know if in your area marijuana is legal or not, but if it is, I would say even try that or do whatever you need to relieve your pain. I was a hippy girl in the seventies, but when I was born again I quit smoking marijuana only because it was illegal, but now it isn't in CA. I would probably be interested in the use of CBD oil also. Please let us know what you decide. thanks and have a great day, Patty

  24. WHOLE PLANT THERAPY people!!
    You won’t get high putting cannabis in your salad.
    Use the whole plant if you want to reap the true health benefits.
    No it don’t cause stomach problems it helps them ❤️
    I can almost tell I need to do a class. 🤦🏼‍♀️😆

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