CBD OIL FOR PAIN! Review & Side Effects

Hey guys! I posted a picture on instagram the other day using a CBD oil vape and I got so many questions that I thought i’d make a video about it! Let me know if …


  1. your story sounds like my life in the last 11 years. Oh Wow! Advil causes your B{P to increase too!

  2. I really enjoyed this video. This is an essential program. Very interesting and informative video. Thank you.

  3. I found one of those cbd luxe vape pens in my step moms drawer while looking for something, I thought she was doing drugs but I searched it up and remembered she has horrible pain and went through a surgery a few weeks ago, I hope she gets better while using this pen!

  4. I'm going to recommend Ananda Hemp & Ananda Professional CBD products. You don't know what kind of contaminants are in your CBD product, but with them, each batch is independently tested by a 3rd party lab and their product is guaranteed to be clean. You can look up the results yourself.

    They also offer THC free product.

  5. I'm a kidney dialysis patient and i use a CBD Vape Pen and it helps me relax and relieves my cramps and other pains. it works great. you want to get a higher milligrams like 600 to 1000 for it to work well.

  6. Wow I used to watch your videos when I was in like sixth grade now I'm not even in highschool!! That's so dope that you put this video put there you probably opened up so many people's minds your awesome chicka

  7. New subscriber! I just got CBD oil to vape for my Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibro. I hope it works, chronic pain stinks!

  8. Just found you… I'm going off Rx pain meds, but I still have pain, so I'm looking into cbd. I just have so many other factors. But, have you ever been evaluated for connective tissue disorders? I have Ehlers-danlos syndrome & your brief medical history could be mine word for word. Haha, nevermind just watched further. But on average it takes 12yrs to be diagnosed. There are several other CTDs that aren't EDS

  9. I so needed this video!!! Omg!! I have tried to research and find someone with a down to the point information and you are exactly what I was looking for!!!! Thanks girlie♥️😘

  10. I am abusing THC legally and happily in California right now and I'm proud of it 🍄🙌❤️❤️❤️
    Edit: 🌱

  11. Mark my words the government will eventually ban cbd because they don't want us abandoning the pharmaceutical companies. Sneaky bastards they are

  12. Tenctures are cheaper and get into your system faster. Capsules have chemicals that the tincture oil doesn't. I've been off pain pills for 2 yrs now and only use CBD oil tincture!! Amazing

  13. Thank. Last time I slept a whole night was when my hubby after being on hospice for 8 days at hone I finally had 24 hr care a d I went to sleep for 12 hrs. He has been gone for 6.5 yrs a d I cant sleep but a few hrs a night and I have to work but am so tired. I do vape and am going to store tomorrow for CBS and I believe real sleep is in my future

  14. You all should look into the brand Hempworx if you need a pure, organic, and effective CBD! It only has 2 ingredients, it's not full of the other junk that takes away from it's healing power! AND if you try it and it isn't (for some crazy reason) the best CBD you've ever had, you can literally just get your money back! smallplantbigsolutions.com its too easy, start helping your body out!!

  15. There are a lot of products out there that claim to be CBD oil or have it in the product.. buyer beware.. studies showed some do some dont & some products are actually not good for you (not regulated & have actual not good for you ingredients) DO YOUR RESEARCH!

  16. I broke my back when I fell from a roof last year and have been struggling with pain and not wanting to take pain killers. Started with CBD flower and now I dont have nearly the pain I once did. It is amazing to be able to enjoy myself now.

  17. Hi I Got Question To Ask Is About CBD OIL Can Have With Shisha Pen But The Problem Is With Me Is A Got So Many Health Condition I Don’t Really No If I Can Take It But I Want Try To Take It. My Diagnose Is Called Tic Disorder I have Anxiety And Strees So Will This Help? Thank You

  18. Happy birthday 🙂 & CBD really does help I have chronic pain 24/7 cause of a fatal car accident & I just bought CBD oil/joint & gummies and it helped me so much I felt no pain today I didn’t take it & I am in so much pain so I know that it really does help

  19. It makes me so glad to see people like you that researched and looked into cannabis. Im happy that people are starting to educated themselves on the healing properties that cannabis have

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