CBD Oil for Chronic Pain after 3 Days

In this video, I discuss using CBD Oil for chronic pain and how it’s working after 3 days of use. My chronic pain is due to many years with thoracic outlet syndrome …


  1. What’s wrong is the mg is to low! Also everyone is selling cbd now and a lot of it is junk! My experience is I have tried 7 different brands and types including cbd vape! And after all the trial and error the best cbd I have found is Nuleaf brand 1450 mg ten drops under the tongue in the morning and ten at night! This stuff has taken me off all prescription drugs for fibromyalgia ptsd and anxiety! I live in Hawaii so we have so many choices one other brand that I liked is Green roads. But your not going to pay 30 or 50 bucks for this! It’s more like on the Nuleaf site it’s gna cost 179 for a 1oz bottle 1450 mg there is a cheaper bottle it’s 725 mg depends what your taking it for there is higher 3000 mg people who r in cancer treatment chemo and get sick this cbd has helped a lot! The most important part is do not buy cbd oil full of ingredients all its needs to have is hemp seed oil and cbd some have mct that’s ok as well dnt get flavored and just all kinds of fillers palm oil is junk some have coconut oil I thinks its ok but if has more then 3 ingredients dnt buy it! Also always always always get full spectrum that’s the whole plant form of the cbd oil most have 0.03 thc you won’t feel any of that and some have none! After trying many mind is Nuleaf also some health food stores have hemp oil it’s NOT cbd! It’s just hemp there’s a trick they r putting full spectrum hemp oil on bottles for 25 bucks and people see the words full spectrum and dnt realize it didn’t say cbd! If you find a bottle for 89 bucks full spectrum only two or three ingredients and comes from a farm you can receive information from and co2 processing third party verification as well then try it! Or find coupons for Nuleaf online! They also give military discounts makes it cheaper and some other discounts on their website it explains I’m sure medications with insurance is cheaper then buying such a small bottle of cbd oil but the medications r killing us and we r taking more and more as drs r pushing them in us to get thier cut of all the samples of drugs they push on us in the office to get us to get a script it’s all about money I’d rather pay 150 for my cbd then kill myself with medications right? Also there r lotions as well there r gummies and pet cbd always make sure it’s full spectrum and where it comes fromnis important the stuff from Europe is not cbd dnt trust that! I hope this helped someone I’m paying it forward to everyone I spent a lot of money learning exactly how to use this where to buy it how they each feel how fast they work and how it’s made and where it comes from so I pass it on to who ever it can help! Blessings to y’all oh also yes what he said about kratom I had to use that to get off tramadol which by the way is made by Satan himself I suffered so many horrible withdrawals getting off of it slowly but found the kratom blend for daytime and red Maeng da red strain or red Bali helped my horrible restless leg syndrome caused by tramadol it’s the worst feeling arms and legs go crazy so I only use about 3 grams of red strain at night cuz it’s calming takes all pain away to once I was off of that drug after 8 yrs of it crippling me horrible I even stopped kratom it’s all cbd now! Hope this helps had to say this because I keep seeing people not trying or understanding cbd at all and it’s how I was and hope the whole world will get off meds and do this 🙏🏽❤️💫

  2. So it invokes the desire to emulate your being at a Grateful Dead concert where the need to move comes over you. 300mg is low compared to what I've seen and 38 dollars is way high. for less than what I've seen. I've got the same hat.

  3. Thanks for posting this. I feel your pain, literally. I just had back surgery AND knee replacement surgery, and I'm awaiting my first bottle. One thing. After doing a TON of research first, I've discovered that there's a lot of bad stuff out there, stuff than doesn't actually contain ANY CBD oil at all. For example, ALL of the so-called Hemp Oil sold on Amazon is a totally fake product, containing ZERO CBD. Their asshole owner, Jeff Bezos, won't allow ANY actually CBD products to be sold on his site… totally ripping off all of his customers.
    Second, if you have severe pain, like I do, you need to take MUCH MORE of the stuff than someone who doesn't suffer chronic pain the way we do. So please read up on all of this before giving up. Good luck.

  4. You may need a higher potency version. I take lasurus naturals high potency full spectrum cbd. You can get it anywhere from their website cuz it’s less than .03% thc. It’s legal everywhere. I’m having great success with it for chronic pain. Not paid just spending the message.

  5. 300 milligrams is very low, try 1200 to 2000 milligrams and it took about 2 weeks, before I was walking much better. Your on the right path.

  6. Very expensive placebo, governments do not legalise anything for our benefit, it wouldn't surprise me if after some years a bad side effect came to light,
    I have a close friend in a wheelchair the last 25 years with similar ailments and he has to smoke it for any effect

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  8. Hey guys…it seems like everybody here is fascinated by CBD and you should be…it’s amazing. I am TREEZ and want to pass along an amazing #BOGO for Pure Clear Hemp’s BANANA Tincture. Tastes awesome & really works. The offer is on the CBDipedia.com homepage….just scroll a bit. Every strength tincture is part of the #BOGO.

  9. CBD comes in different potency levels. For pain you need the 1000/1500 potency for the correct effects. Happy 420.. that's around $130 plus per bottle

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