CBD oil has many therapeutic benefits including relief from arthritis and anxiety! Shop Premium CBD Products: Use code “BRITAIN” for …


  1. Thanks for this video mama needs something to help her sleep and something for her pain you know I have spinal stenosis why you Been holding out on ME makeup is FLAWLESS as always no you don’t need to be on any PILLS as always you keep US UP ON WHAT GOING ON 💊💊💊💊👀👀👀👀

  2. Thank u for this informative video boo..will be trying the cream for my 14 yr old daughter who suffers from chronic back pain an anxiety. 😘

  3. I was just looking into cbd products to help with my anxiety as well as sleep. Happy you made this video.

  4. Cashews may be a natural solution for depression and anxiety and don't carry the price tag or side effects mmmm'

  5. I use CBD 500 ml daily (before bedtime) and its wonderful and helps with pain as well. Also we give it to our animals it works and is helpful so thanks for talking about CBD benefits and your personal story. Hugs jo

  6. Could you do more hair videos, I know you have a loctician, but In between. For example, how you keep your edges fresh. I know you’ve had a video on it before. But do you wrap it up after? When I pull my hair into a pony tail then try and wear it down, it doesn’t cooperate. How do you liven it back up between styles? (I really hope that makes sense)

  7. Clicked like before viewing lol. I deal with both anxiety and arthritis so I need all the information I can get!

  8. I hate that you’re promoting CBD. I worked for a CBD company for 2 years and their products were full of fillers, synthetics and non pure ingredients. I always felt so bad selling it to others. I ended up quitting and are recommending people to STAY AWAY.

  9. Chile!!! How did you handle withdrawals from Paxil. I hated it!!!!!! We cant use CBD in Barbados yet. 😭😭😭

  10. Hey Britt, thank you for video today. I have PSTD and depression. I do have some problem on both my knees. I'm do more research about CBD oil💊. I'm happy you are getting great result. Have a great night, thank you for adressing about mental health and joint health. 💜💜💜💜

  11. I’m so mad I want to try that so bad but since I am looking for another job CBd will cause you to fail a drug test

  12. I use the cbd vape for my pain with my multiple sclerosis and my anxiety but I’m about to buy the lotion for the pain 🤗🤗🤗🤗 I refuse to take all those other meds for anxiety. If you get off of it sometimes it can have an adverse side affect. It’s not worth it to me.

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