1. I just vaped CBD for the first time after feeling so hopeless with anxiety and depression. My headache has finally eased and I feel lighter (only 1 puff). I cant wait to keep going.

  2. CBD works wonders!!! God gave us plants for healing. My husband and I opened a CBD retail store in Kernersville, NC. Check us out online, **PURE HEAVEN DISPENSARY**

  3. I tried a topical cbd product recently and it made my vision blurry it really freaked me out! But being ignorant I tried it again the next day and sure enough my vision went blurry again! Not cool! It went away but still freaky!

  4. Sounds like a sales pitch for the penile pen. Sorry but 40 bucks? Geez, just buy a pen-cig and a tank that is above 1ohm, get yourself some liquid that has at least 300mg and mix it with your own e-juice. You will get far more use/hits out of it. Anyways I'm off to smoke a spliff. You're a great communicator and you're channel is clearly successful but I know what affiliate marketing is and I didn't fall for the pitch bro. Anyways, keep up your work as you are clearly helping people in spite of your sales tactics.

  5. When I smoke a little too much I start to hear stuff like Doors opening or people talking. Am I the only one?

  6. You made my day man. Thank you. Im experimenting with cbd oil starting tommorow. I have anxiety, insomia, always have migraines, and my general mood is pissy. I ordered online for a vape mod pen, and bought two types of cbd oil. Im just jumping on this with full force. I want to be a better person. A calmer less aggresive chill dude. I don't want to smoke pot, for its illegal and i work as a truck driver. So i need to be alert all the time. My work requires alot of heavy lifitng. So pretty much i have constant pain in my legs, feet and my back. Im looking for alternatives. So your video helped me alot. Thanks again. Keep making videos and greetings from mexico.

  7. The headache thing you are talking about is what I needed to know exactly as well now Im getting one

  8. I'm really curious to try the PhenoPen. But people scare me by telling me all these harmful things that vape pens do. What should I do?

  9. wow anyone else notice the difference in his face from the beginning of the video compared to the end? that shit lit up, impressive stuff

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