1. CBD has made a HUGE difference for me. A friend of mine gave me a bottle of 400mg CBD, and it is great at helping me with anxiety and has enabled me to relax.

  2. Love how you have to get the details out of the way before reviewing the actual product. I think that's one of the most unique aspects of your product reviews.

  3. Great video, but I just want to mention that all cbd products are vegan as it's simply a cbd extract + carrier oil which is either hemp seed oil or MCT oil 🙂

  4. How to sensibly buy LEGAL CBD oil? Because I got a letter saying customs have confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  5. yo bro, very good video!! CBD is a life changer for my gf aswelll ! pain, anxiety, all of that changed ! that is super sweet.
    But you know what ? i know that CBD isnt reacting the same way one everyone, that is why it is important to test and especially, understand. Understand how our body react and all. I take my CBD on plantandhemp, they have a large choice and other brand for better price ^^
    But i love their flowers! if you smoke, try the white widow, worth the travel :p

  6. It might be legal in the US, but as a teacher, I am not allowed to take it. And as someone with HFAU, stress gets worse as I get older!! 😩

  7. Didn't work for me…going back on Pregablin or SSRI for GAD soon….

    The one I tried from simplyCBD just made me sedated as hell and felt out of it. Also quite strong.
    Even gave me panic attacks at times after only 1 drop.

  8. It's my birthday today an i just got to watch your video Dan. Thanks for the knowledge about this product Sir.

  9. I really love the "practice makes progress" soooo much better than "practice makes perfect" which is of not really achievable

  10. I recently got approved for my Medical THC card in Minnesota. Haven't had enough time to thoroughly comment, but I was using before I could legally. And it helps as I dont like to leave my home unless I have a goal to keep me grounded

  11. Can you put up the name of this CBD and the address or website about where to order it. I've been really excited to try CBD's. I've got the same combination of things as you have, which causes me a lot of anxiety. I can really use the CBD for sleep too. One other thi g that you may not have control of, several times during your videos these dumbass advertisements keep interrupting, very annoying. Keep up the good work!

  12. I greatly recommend trying CBD Oil if you can get access to it. It's not cheap but it does work with zero high.

  13. I've only tried a few. The only one I noticed a difference with was from (not sure about his name) Mike Adams the Health Ranger… he has a website…I need to find his site and order more. Have you ever tried his?

  14. Bloomin' heck it's expensive £54.99 for a 10ml bottle of oil, that's a lot of money as they recommend about 15 drops a day and there's only about 200 drops in the bottle. Will have to save up.

  15. CBD oil works really good at least for me because I totally understand something might work for me might not work for someone else on the autism spectrum

  16. Are u planing on making @aspieworld tshirts again plz? There's only the hoodie I can c on the link :/ thank u

  17. We just started giving my daughter CBD for her anxiety, ASD and ADHD. We are excited to see if it works for her. The doctor seems confident that she will respond well to it. 🙂

  18. I Vape CBD Oil when I am having a severe anxiety attack, it kicks in quickly and allows me to calm down.

  19. I love CBD. How many milligrams of CBD do you find works for you? What is your favorite form of CBD (oil, gummies, vape/inhale)? The oil works best for me, I haven’t tried any gummies yet tho

  20. Can I ask you something. I have a new hobby which is reading. I am starting to read books. Do you ready any like Star Wars!

  21. I love Katie Morton and you soooo much. You have helped me so much in understanding my ASD1 and ADHD 9yr old

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