Hey y’all! PJ has been using CBD oil for over 60 days now so we wanted to give an update on how it’s been going. In this video we talk about why PJ started …


  1. Give up coffee. It's a stimulant & will only make your anxiety worse. I have GAD and gave it up 2 years ago cold turkey. It really makes a difference. Add some cognitive behavioral therapy onto that and you'll have the tools to deal with/diffuse your anxiety. Worked wonders for me.

  2. I actually can't take CBD Oil because I'm one of the 1% that's allergic to cannabis. So it's obviously dangerous for me lol. But I've just started taking Gabapentin which is really really helping my anxiety.
    Best of luck to anyone dealing with Anxiety! It's crazy hard to deal with.

  3. Have started taking magnesium after hearing PJ mention it in another video as I suffer from the same things he does. Wanna try CBD oil.

  4. Thanks for doing this Video. I have been wondering about this myself. Just talked to a friend about it last week. I was put on Xanax not to long ago. So I need something not to addictive. after reading some of these comments its not that easy forthis to go away. Im 59 and been like this since my mid Twentys. Some days are better than others. I was reading up on different remedies for a lack of a better term. I now take Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc in one pill. It works great for me!! Take one and fee it working within about 20 minutes. Its very nice to be calm and relaxed for awhile. Sometimes my anexity is so bad it feels like Im crawling out of my skin!! Anyting to help ease that feeling Im all for!! Im also going to give CBD oil a try and see what happens. Thanks again!


  5. Thank you for discussing this topic so openly and honestly. I am very curious about cbd oil and it's benefits for my anxiety. I feel I am in a good place with my depression but my anxiety levels fluctuate. My doctor made me promise not to start taking it without chatting with her first. In her professional experience her patients have not benefited some have even suffered. However, I keep hearing the opposite on social media. Glad to know that you have found it helps your anxiety, since that is the reason I would consider taking it. Hope you continue to benefit from it.

  6. PJ have you also tried Yoga & Meditation ? I just don't know how long you can stay on CBD, and long term after affects ? We wouldn't want it to inhibit you from having any little PJ's or Lil Thomas's running around !!!

  7. Hi guys, are you hoping to reduce it back to 250 or will you remain on 500 with the magnesium. Do you think it’s possible that the magnesium could be the cause of the change in mood? Which leads me to ask, have you tried just using the magnesium? I have bought the oil after listening to your view after using it for my husband and he hasn’t felt any different as to date. I will now with this great update up the level and go from there. Sorry, but what strength magnesium are you taking and in what form. Sorry for all the questions.

  8. I take 600 every day for the last several months. I can send you some that the farm next to me makes. It is a full spectrum, grown on a organic farm, in organic coconut oil, extracted with ethanol.

  9. Glad to see you guys fighting the mental health stigma and discussing this 👏🏼. I’ve found CBD to really help me with anxiety and depression. I would just suggest doing your research on the brand you’re buying, some have been found to have a lot less CBD than advertised and/or harmful ingredients… https://instagram.com/greatcbdreviews is a good resource for research and testing of CBD.

  10. I hope you can elaborate more about the things you experience during your anxiety attack. Im just really curious.

  11. Thanks for sharing your experience. Anxiety and depression seem like an epidemic right now. Most people i know or meet seem to struggle with one or both. It's hard ti imagine how so many people can have the same thing going on and yet we talk so little about it. It takes courage to speak up about it but it's so important because it helps empower others to speak up or even get help. I'm trying to work up the nerve to try CBD oil for my anxiety but i'm such a chicken when it comes to taking things…I know 2 people that had a reaction to it so i'm glad to hear you didn't have any side effects. best to you both thank you for your videos xoxo

  12. Pj, that’s so interesting, do you feel anxious, have you ever suffered from panic attacks, I’m on magnesium for muscle spasm, that does help, I have tried CBD oil and it really didn’t do much for me. I’m on Zoloft and that helps with panic attacks. So I’m just wondering is it panic attacks or just general anxiety? I also get annoyed easily when I’m not on Zoloft.

  13. You guys are the BEST ! I just started following you and watching your videos a couple of weeks ago. I really enjoyed this video since I've heard so much about CBD oil the last couple of months. I have several friends taking it but I have questions and you guys have definitely answered a lot of my questions. Thanks so much and I look forward to more videos !

  14. Hey PJ – what kind of magnesium supplement are you taking if you don’t mind my asking. I’m looking for a good one to take

  15. Zoloft worked wonders for me, also moving to Florida for more sun makes a huge difference for me. Little to no sun on a regular basis will produce SADS in a heartbeat!

  16. How to sensibly buy LEGAL CBD oil? Because I got a letter saying customs have confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  17. I swear CBD oil has made our Jack Russell, who is 14 years old, grumpy, has arthritis and back issues… a whole new dog. So CBD definitely changed his life and ours for the better. However I wanted to say about the magnesium, you have to be careful as far as your kidneys are concerned. It can be hard on your kidneys. I've used it off and on for cramps after chemo damaged circulation and nerves in my extremities. Just keep the kidney thing in mind and be careful.

  18. what a great video, i've been on and off different med prescribed by my Dr for the same issues and in the last year have tried more natural ways to deal with it. this has given me something to think about!! 🙂

  19. Nuleaf naturals is the best full spectrum CBD oil. I suffered from anxiety and pain from my job. Within 1 week, the pain was gone.

  20. Will you let us know if there are any side effects/affects? Why do you think it is legal in all states?

  21. Great video guys!!! I love this video!!! I will tell my friends and family about CBD oil! It sounds awesome!!! I love y’all much one of my favorite youtuber’s of all times!! I can’t wait for y’all next video or Live stream! I wonder do CBD oil help with cerebral palsy? I have cerebral palsy I use a wheelchair and walker, I’m 29. I’m from Memphis.

  22. I used to have anxiety in the scope that you described. I used to medicate with products like CBD Oil, but I started a SSRI called Lexapro because nothing else was working for me. It was like breathing for the first time. I now really only feel anxious when the situation calls for it. I was very anti-medication until I reached the point where I was unable to function normally. It was one of the best decisions that I made. I was irritable and upset a lot of the time like you described and now I am much nicer and calmer person to be around. Everybody has their own unique way of dealing with their anxiety and I'm glad that you found yours!

  23. Yas! I’m so glad it’s helping you. I’ve thought about trying it myself, but am afraid to as I work on federal property I do, however, take magnesium for depression and anxiety. You may also want to try taking a probiotic as your mind/emotions are linked to gut flora and fauna. Too, if you want a little hippy-dippy bs with it, hang some eucalyptus in your home, and put lavender in your pillows. Thanks for posting this! Just another notch in the belt as to why I should try it.

  24. Very glad to know that PJ feels better now. You are so cute together with a lot of attention for each other.

  25. Thank you for sharing your results with us. What form and dose did you take the magnesium in? How did you decide? I deal with anxiety with work and would like to try. Also, I have followed Tim and Jen for a while and was so excited to see them in your posts! I love when my favorite influencers are together!

  26. Glad to hear you have found something that is working. I'm on keds for ocd and anxiety (Leigh) I think more people suffer than we realise. I think they are trying to ban cbd oil here in the UK ❤️

  27. Not sure if you're a big coffee drinker, but I have horrible anxiety and cut coffee out of my life (switched to decaf for a little while to ween myself off) and that dramatically reduced my panic episodes. I also use CBD and am definitely going to increase the dosage, the one I use now is 100mg (bought it to try and see if it works) and I tried my friend's 600mg which works much better! Thanks for sharing!

  28. I am currently doing some research on CBD oil in relation to pain relief as well as anxiety disorders etc. Patients have asked me, so may take a longitudinal study for results

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