1. Another thing I learned.. racing minds and trouble sleeping that was mentioned.

    If you pinch( not hard just simply surface, light pressure) your ear- top 1/3 portion- helps your mind to relax during this particular times. Do both ears at the same time
    Try it for 15-20 second and see if it makes you yawn.. I’d like to see how it effects others

  2. Good video and topics discussed. Breathing techniques and how they’re related to ones bliss chemical and how they deal with stresses we deal with on a day to day basis.

    Great info.. I personally think doctors aren’t up on the studies nor does their backgrounds allow them to administer CBD- where as they can flip open a book and prescribe something manufactured in a laboratory to deal with you symptoms.
    This is more so a field of pain management will have better knowledge of.

  3. Ambien threw me right into a depression that lasted for over 5 years. It wasn't the Ambien that was the main cause, but the catalyst. Legalize cannabis across the board… Damn it.

  4. I just started using CBD oil. For me, it does not work as a sleep aid. I would say that it has properties that can relax you. If you have anxiety, I believe it would reduce it. I have some sleep issues and occasionally don't get a good nights sleep. I feel jittery in the morning. When I took CBD, the jitters went away and made the day much more enjoyable. When I took CBD in the evening I actually felt like it allowed me to concentrate better but when it came time to go to sleep, I slept in a weird state and didn't feel rested. I smoked some cannabis that would normally make me tired and lazy which is fine because I getting ready to go to sleep, but with the CBD, much of the high was gone and to be honest I felt that my level of motivation increased. I will have to try smaller doses in the future to see if that makes a difference.

  5. What’s a good cbd oil that isn’t crazy priced? Been looking for ever! Trying to do research googling the best cbd oils but I know a lot can be junk.. don’t have third party testing etc. PLEASE HELP … with what you you found works.

  6. THIS GUY: i hug my kids 2.7 times a day because statistically it increases serotonin in the synaptic cleft by 3 fold . (p value 0.05 with 95% confidence intervals)

  7. Doesn't understand why people would take ambian? Ambian costs me $1.50 with my insurance. Cbd for sleep costs $40.00 and lasts about 2 weeks. Well I'm poor as fuck and need sleep

  8. I spent 30+ min. on the throne at 2:00 AM praying to the Gods that if they want me. They can take me NOW! . Does that mean 100 mg. of CBD is a like overdose for me? Will this stuff cause loose explosive bowel movements? I had a flashback of same thing happen to me in the 90's after drinking 16 Zimas with a belly full of hot wings and potato wedges after a big chew of Red Man tobacco. Except that time it was coming out of both ends. While on my knees in reverence to the Gods. In the darkness of a remote Eastern U.S. forest.

  9. I've been using Botanycl cbd oil for a month and it has helped my anxiety and sleep so much. Their cbd is from the whole plant so has the benefits of the other cannabinoids too which is why I think it works so well for me.

  10. I read an article that a lot of insomnia illness has to due with technology. Like TVs, cell phones, Computers all gives off non natural lights that tricks the brain to not sleep thinking it’s still daytime. So I tested that theory because Im always up 2am on my mobile device. I went camping for a few days next to a creek, I cannot believe how well rested I was and waking up at the crack of dawn.

  11. I took ambien every night for 60 days…… I survived. But almost died many many times…

    Take a heavy dose and try and stay awake for 3 hours. I could walk up to you, tell you to give me your wallet and take you to an ATM to withdraw your funds… All with your right next to me. Forgot who said it on a podcast but taking Ambien and staying awake is VERY similar to taking Datura…… I recommend no one EVER try Datura(even though it's probably near your house)

  12. I get no more than 10 hours sleep a week. It's been the same for the past 20 years and I'm now 33, I can't put into words how negatively its affected my life, I've tried every drug available in the uk, including the illegal ones. Took CBD for 3 months and nothing happened… same shit every night!

  13. Pot is a drug, and as an insomniac, weed doesn’t help me sleep. I also spent a year trying to get natural sleep.

  14. I ate an ambien once, pretty shitty time lol I had been drinkin n smokin all day at a party which didnt help and certainly dont sugggest, at this point it was early morning between 2-4am so bout an hour or so later I completely forgot I had taken it, ended up falling out mid conversation, fell directly back onto a table n busted everything on it mainly glass beer bottles. Mind you Ive never passed out, & at some point have a brief and very cloudy half conscious memory of telling all the people around me to call an ambulance cus I thought I was dying, which nobody did, so thankfully I didnt, I guess I passed back out, and woke up in the morning already sitting straight up on the couch soo confused. I looked down beside me and saw a trashcan nearly halfway full of vomit as my friend walked into the living room I was like yo man was someone pukin on me last night? What happened? N he proceeded to tell me about the night that I had absolutely no memory of and that the vomit bucket was indeed mine. Moral of the story, just dont take ambien especially on top of liquor and/or other substances cus itll have you doin some pretty weird shit. Im fr lucky I didnt get cut up from glass or worse. I dont take any form of any substance anymore btw, just cbd 👍🏽

  15. getting off benzos can be hard but it was possible when i took phenibut and CBD isolate and sublingual'd both of them.

  16. it helps knock me out when im takin this stupid suboxone. naloxone fucking keeps me up so im forced to take it during the day. cbd definitely helps w/ the side effects and to sleep

  17. You must get CBD that is pure.
    Get it with hemp carrier.
    There should not be a bunch of junk in it


  19. Ambien the devils pill. I drove in NYC and the rest of it was a complete blur. And where I woke up was the last place I should of been. I can't believe it's legal.

  20. I don’t need help falling asleep, I need help staying asleep. Also, I had a terrible adverse reaction when I took GABA, so…interesting. But sleeping on my side helps, so even more interesting.

  21. I feel groggy all the time in the morning after I take cbd islolate before bed the night before. It takes me about 10 minutes to get up out of bed and get moving. But I agree with him, I think it's cause the night before bed when I take cbd isolate, my endocanabonid system is overstimulated, which is a good thing

  22. I agree but are same time comes down to desperation, I know I’m a rare case but after 20-30 surgeries and being put to sleep for them all you struggle to fall asleep and for neck I didn’t have a choice really burn to take trazadone, ambien and another’s I can’t recall that made me really hungry lol, it’s like this guy said some people minds race and we aren’t able to turn our brains off and we need that sleep and unfortunately thc/cbd isn’t everywhere yet

  23. It’s not just wanting a pill buddy. I have tried it all, I do t take pills to sleep because I don’t like pills but breathing dies nothing for my sleep. So watch out when you start making accusations about what you think you understand cuz.

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