CBD Hemp Oil 2018 Farm Bill – (A Growers PARADISE?)??

CBD Hemp Oil and the new 2018 Farm Bill. Aaron Soffer, Associate Attorney with Anderson Business Advisors covers what you should know about the the …


  1. can I sell hemp derived CBD tinctures, topicals, capsules, or edibles in Virginia as long as it maintains less than .3% THC if I already have fully legal hemp farmland in Oregon?

  2. So pretty much its still illegal. Since it has to be produed consistent with guideline but there are no guidelines. What was the point of the 2018 legalization? It changed absolutely nothing as far as right now is concerned.

  3. The Academy of Cannabis Science, on April 27th we will have two MMJ workshops in Las Vegas, NV. Would you like more information?

  4. So does this mean that the sale of straight hemp flower is legal?

    That is to say the buds of the plant can be sold with no indication of what they are to be used for?

    aka someone could smoke it, eat it, bang it, melt it down into a pencil and use it to draw, use it as nose plugs, etc. what ever they want to do with it and it would be legal?

    Like say I have a bunch of farmers growing hemp flower and I buy it from them then open a store front.

    Then sell the flower directly to the public as is with no claims of how to consume or use it or what its affects either negative or positive could be.

    Then if asked how to consume it I just tell them they can do as they please with it but I can't recommend any particular way to use it and it's simply being sold as.

    Then it would be legal so long as the hemp growers are following state guidelines.

    Then as an added measure I could provide law enforcement information in packaging materials when distributing the flower regarding the source of my hemp flower supply with certified lab testing used by the farmers to ensure less than .3% THC is in it and it is indeed classified as hemp

    and after all that it would all be legal?

  5. Without state legislative approval,  farmers still could plant hemp under federal regulations. Supremacy Clause of the United States Constitution.  No lawyer needed ! Thank you Mr. President   {Donald J Trump}  Recognizing the need for"Power to the People" the 2019 Farm Bill fits that definition.

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