CBD for Dogs and Cats- Is it Safe, and Should You Use It?

Dr Jones’ New Webinar.. CBD or cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive portion of the cannabis plant can be very helpful for our …


  1. Hello I want to ask if the cbd oil will be excessive?
    My dog is a French Bulldog . have epilepsy.
    The day before the death, the body temperature was very high, and kept drooling. heartbeat quickly stopped moving around at home. I gave a lot of cbd oil. After three hours, it finally calmed down, but the next night it died. I Don't know if it's related. This problem has been very troublesome for me.😌

  2. hate to say it, but the dosage info was unclear… first said ..standard cbd oil dose is about 1mg per 10 lbs of body wt daily. 300 mg in a bottle with 20 drops for each ml….. …meaning 2 drops is going to give you 1 mg / your dog's dose is 2 mg… 4 drops twice a day.. huh? didn't say how heavy she is and the ml and mg discussion was hard to follow…..

  3. Hi Dr Jones, i get a prescription for cbd o.7 thc 29.5 cbd i share with my 2 Chinese crested , it saved my daisy from brain inflammation dd phuemonia and pleurisy happy too say she doing amazing i give her guarter of 1.l syringe twice aday is this to much or not enough,
    Ty love your channel (;

  4. thank you for the amazing channel you help me alot with my 8 cats.. i'd like to ask you is it ok to use human hemp oil for cats? i found it in iherp.com in better price.. and what ingredients i should make sure its not in it because its not good for cats?.. i hope you understand my poor English 🙁 PS: please turn down the music little its louder than your voice.. thanx again

  5. I have been using CBD full spectrum @8% to help offer some relievement at six drops a day for my dog suffering with arthritic issues..
    Either I am using a wrong strength, but two months plus on, and no improvement what so ever, had to get strong pain killers from vet to help somewhat ease him.
    My two cents, throwing money away on this stuff with zero improvement and no pain relief attributes.

  6. Hi, my dog has a tumour on her top lip, still waiting for biopsy result to find out type of tumour, she is 60lbs, what’s the does for her weight, I was told 30mg twice a day, is that right?

  7. I have 5 wonderful dogs and 1 cat.
    Our cat loves CBD cat treats and our dogs take the tinctures and dog biscuits. I think if you google CBD cat treats it pops up right away. I have been happy with the results of americangreen's products. It's nice that you are talking about the benefits of CBD. I have tried other CBD but I did find out some products are just cold pressed hemp that the try to sell as Hemp oil and say it's CBD oil, but it's not. Cold pressed hemp has such a small amount of CBD it doesn't even matter. The site I have been buying from does have lab test. Just in case anyone has some pets they want to help!

  8. my dog has very bad skin allergies, he scratches so much hes balding in his armpits and hind legs. We went to the vet and tried everything and he still isn't getting better. Do you think cbd oil will help my pup? I feel so bad for him and I'm really hoping this will help him.

  9. Hi Dr Jones How many drop of CBD oil would I give my 80lb girl she has itchy paws itchy ad various other itchy spots will CBD oil help with this problem?

  10. Hi Doctor. We just started 2 weeks ago giving/medicating CBD oil to our dog who has seizures. But like on the 11th day to the 14th day of that 2 weeks we gave our dog an anti oxidant treats. Then on the 14th day, our dog had another episode of seizures. Can anti oxidant treats flush out cbd oil from our dog's blood system?

  11. Hi dr! My dog is shitzu , she is almost 12 years old . She can’t sleep at nite , keeps wake up at night for food . I feed her wet buffalo senior food with boiled organic chicken . Can y please recommend which cbd oil for calming , good sleep at night for her ?

  12. Sorry, Doc, have to bother you again… I THOUGHT HEMP OIL was the same. Is one better than the other for a diabetic dog with IBD? Thank you in advance. I am a LONG TIME subcriber & enjoy your videos so much.

  13. Would you recommend this for a bichon with chronic skin itching… my vet has given aproquel ( don’t think I have spelt that right ) but that has worked but read lots of bad reports and want something more natural… and long term… he also has anxiety and I’ve changed his food now on fish and some veg only… really need help… thanks ( not much faith in our vets here in uk. 🙁) thank you

  14. Our female rottie is 12 yrs old with hip issues. I started giving cbd to her but unfortunately it caused her to have urine accidents in the house. I so wish it didn't so she could use it.

  15. Thank you for this video. I'm hopeful CBD oil will give my 11 year old cavalier some syringomelia relief.

  16. Here are but a few examples of the benefits of CBD for dogs found at Canna Pet. Canna Pet Testomonials2

    My dog Zeus is a little over 2 years old. He started having seizures at about 10 months old. Multiple seizures in a day, usually somewhere between 4-7. The vet has put him on several different kinds of medication, phenobarbital, keppra, and potassium bromide. Nothing seems to be working. Still having the seizures. We started him on the Canna-Pet products (advanced large twice a day) about a month ago, and he has had 2 seizures since, but both times it was only 1 seizure in a day and the after effects are much less severe. Before the canna-pet, after a seizure he would be dazed and confused and just wonder around lost and whining for about 30-45 afterwards. Now, it maybe last about 5 minutes and then he settles down and starts resting. I can definitely tell an enormous difference and I’m hoping to eventually pull him off the vet prescribed medicine entirely and i plan on keeping him on the canna-pet products for the rest of his life.

    Our little girl, Blondie Bee is a 13 year young Golden Retriever. We found out 4 years ago when we lost our boy, Harley, that she was almost blind and that he had been her seeing eye companion for quite some time. Blondie is now fully blind, has arthritis and suffers from canine dementia. Canna-Pet has really helped with her pacing and walking in circles. She seems to love her daily strolls in the park and will occasionally show some puppy spunk that we haven’t seen in quite some time. Thank you for providing such a wonderful product.

    Ashby is my 12 year old love bun. Her advanced arthritis and bladder stones were making her so uncomfortable that she was chewing her back right paw down to the bare skin! The pharma pain killers the vet prescribed caused her gastrointestinal distress. Thankfully, Canna-pet has come her rescue! I melt virgin coconut oil and pour into small heart shaped candy molds. Then I add half an small advanced capsule to each heart, place in the freezer and pop one out each time she needs a dose. She loves her meds and snatches it out of my hand immediately! As long as she regularly gets her canna-pet (treat), she is comfortable and no longer chews on her back paw. Thank you so much!

    Our 18 year old Jack Russell, Lucy struggled with constant tremors and seizures. Since she began daily does of Canna-pet, our sweet girl is living a life free of these struggles. I can’t thank you enough for putting the skip back in her step and the joy back in our days!

    We are so very thankful that we found canna-pet capsules for our 13 year old beautiful German Shepherd “fury son” Krieger. We were told a few years ago that his days were numbered due to tumors and bad hips. Due to canna-pet capsules, he has survived a few extra years and seems to be restored to his younger, energetic and playful self! It’s even helped his bad skin allergies. No more itching and biting. SO THANKFUL!!!

  17. Thank you so much for this video…I have 3 dogs and a cat an use alternative complimentary care with veterinarian medications when possible. I have been curious about this compound for our pets if they ever need pain relief for chronic pain. I am not a fan of steroids if they can be avoided.

  18. I have a large senior dog with chronic arthritis currently being treated with Deramaxx for pain and inflammation. It seems to work ok so long as she is dosed daily, but I'm concerned about organ damage from constant nsaid use and have been considering trying CBD. But I'm a bit overwhelmed with all of the marketing BS and confusion over which brand, concentration, source etc to get. Can you provide any recommended brands that are available in the US?

  19. I just started giving my cat cbd she is 13 and is starting to slow down quite a bit but oh it has helped her with an abcess she got… also I am trying to keep it as clean as I can till I can get her in. She is not in pain but she actually is purring and seems okay.. I am a huge believer in natural medicine as much as possible.

  20. I'm getting some for my dog. I also have a friend that I'm referring her to your YouTube channel. She can watch all your videos and order from you. I have been so sick. I'm starting to recover some now. My granddaughter has came back to help me with my pets. Thank you for your help..

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