1. Your video has been the most helpful to me. My cat does this weird breathing thing and they have no information on CBD for cats or how many drops/mg to give. I’m even going to get the same brand because everything else has been hemp oil, or treats. Which is slightly different I do believe. This is my last hope, CBD oil.. the vets have not been able to give me an explanation, thousands of dollars spent to tell me I have a perfectly healthy cat when I see him go into these breathing attacks I know something is wrong with my baby…I have been to multiple different vets offices and the same blood work, the same X-rays, the same test and the same results…I’ve even taken videos and they still can’t give me an explanation…I’m hoping this helps my baby..thank you so much for the knowledge you have spread..

  2. Sorry it's taken to long to respond to everyone's comments on here! It's been rough since I've lost her two months ago. The CBD did work but in the end she was in tears and high screams of pain. She started to hide in fear and I never left her side in her last few months. She was 19 years old and 7months and 3 days. She will always be my baby! Thank you for all the love & support!

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