CBD CHANGED MY LIFE! CBD Experiment | Anxiety, Sleep, Pain, Muscle Soreness CBD REVIEW!

GIVEAWAY! Look below for details! I tested out CBD for Anxiety, Sleep, Pain, Muscle Soreness! These are my personal results. This experiment was so much fun …


  1. The only thing with ͏͏CBD that freaks me out is they extract it using formaldehyde 😬 not trying to embalm my insides

  2. Hi Maddi, I was curious, how many times a day would you recommend for taking CBD gummies for anxiety?

  3. Hey Maddie.! I also suffer from anxiety and I currently drink tea in the morning but I'm really wanting to get off the caffeine but in the past I've had headaches when I don't drink caffeine.did you have any headaches when you stopped.? also is there anything that you take or drink for energy that doesn't have caffeine.?

  4. You mentioned you have more vivid dreams when using cbd before bed. I’ve tried it before bed too and I actually have less vivid dreams, which I like because when I’m super stressed and anxious my dreams are so vivid I wake up feeling like I’ve been “running around” all night. I liked how it quieted my mind. Thank you for sharing your experience 🙂

  5. Hi I have a question, in regards to meal prepping , how long can cooked chicken stay in the fridge for?

  6. I have tried CBD gummies and the CBD ejuice before but never the bath bombs so definitely gonna be checking those out.Thanks Madi..❤😆

  7. Thank you so much for the honest feedback and the great review! To clarify… the CBD Bath Bombs are 100MG (not 250). We have corrected that on the site. Please help support Madi and her channel by using her affiliate code. We love helping out awesome people!

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