CBD BENEFITS, SCIENCE & SIDE EFFECTS | Anxiety, Inflammation, Pain, & The Endocannabinoid System

Learn more about CBD benefits, CBD side effects, and CBD science by downloading the audiobook “CBD Oil: Everyday Secrets” from audible! To take …


  1. Good information. We need a certain amount of stress and inflammation, that's why the much maligned omega 6 is an essential fatty acid . Speaking of hormesis, did you know that intermittent (short term) sleep deprivation enhances the immune system? And possibly has similar effects on telomere length as exercise, temperature stress (cold, hot) and intermittent fasting?
    I really need to make a video on this topic.

  2. Experiment with CBD in pre-workout and post-workout. I would love to find out what you think.

  3. The last I stopped smoking weed tiny things like cheap perfume or you waking in an irregular patern made me want to literally kill and mutilate the body. I couldn't sleep and punched holes in the walls. The issue I'm addressing is if we artificially regulate, we need the artifice to regulate. An alcoholic's own heart is what kills him when he stops drinking because there's nothing to keep it down anymore.

    P.S., I want to lose weight. Is there a pill or something where I can sit home and eat shitty shit and still look like you?

  4. So i workout often ( lifestyle ) . And usually im sore as heck . This can last days depending on my workout , but I ordered some oil from this site called Palaceherbs.com , THE RESULTS BLEW MY CURIOSITY OUT THE WATER !! So all u muscle heads out there no more bcaa for recovery , go for CBD 💪🏾

  5. I'm curious to know how well CBD oil is actually absorbed in the digestive system without being destroyed and transported in the body, whether it has a systemic impact or targeted….hmmm. so much research needed. There is a lot of CBD containing topical creams and lotions for skincare issues

  6. 🖤🖤🖤 I tam working in laboratory specialized on cannabis. Love your ttly understandable form of CBD presentation. I love to spread info regarding to cannabinoids. We Work with many clients who are having amazing results of the overall health 💕 love this video👌🏻

  7. If 2-AG is in breast milk. No wonder babys are so happy they are not milk drunk they are milk high 😽

  8. Omg great video!! I knew nothing about it beforehand but was always curious!! So glad you made this ☺️☺️

  9. I love you so much! I love how informative your videos are and you are awesome! Back to the video topic though: If CBD can help reduce cortisol levels, is CBD helpful in weight loss?

  10. Wow this is so helpful!!! My boyfriend has been taking CBC oil lately and I’ve been doing a ton of research on it to understand better, but the way you explain is just e million times better! 🙌🏼😆❤️

  11. Massive long time fan of yours 🙂 just wanted to drop a note to say that I use cbd for "recovery"- but here's how: cbd dramaticallllllyyyyyyy improves my quality of sleep. I went from feeling like I needed 10 hours a night to waking up every day at 6am without an alarm , refreshed and ready to go. If sleep is when we recover, i think the trade off is definitely worth the counterintuitive action of lessening inflammation that was intentionally induced from exercise 🙂

  12. Since I'm generally pretty healthy I'm willing to wait a few years for more research before I start dropping a ton of money on anything cbd related

  13. I have a lot of inflammatory issues (fibromyalgia, a plethora of allergies, and ibs to just name a few) so cbd would be super mega helpful BUT I AM ALLERGIC TO HEMP AND I HATE MY LIFE 😭 hemp seeds, hemp milk, thc, cbd, you name it. can't eat it, can't wear it, can't smoke it, can't smell it 😭😭😭😭

  14. My mum has fibromyalgia and she just suffers on and take nothing for it. Watching your video has really made consider doing a bit more research about it to see if it could help her. Thank you for putting so much effort into your video😊 x

  15. If you choose to take CBD this article has some interesting issues to ponder.

    1. Make sure to get your liver enzymes tested. CBD can stress the liver.
    2. There are no standards for CBD manufacture. Some can be very concentrated, some less so, and some can be variable.
    3. Watch out for the placebo effect.
    4. The only disease for which CBD is actually prescribed by doctors is Epilepsy.

    Be careful.

  16. Your too cute, I can’t concentrate on what your saying, 😁

  17. My mom can't take NSAIDs and has arthritis in her back and knees and uses CBD to help with her pain and inflammation. I suffer from severe shoulder and neck pain from migraines and sometimes putting CBD oil on the area directly helps to relax the muscles. I'm certainly interested in looking into what additional benefits I can gain from this drug. I'm excited for more research to be done because there's so much "fluff" product out there that seems to be cashing in on the hype.

  18. So glad that you took a neutral approach to CBD!

    As someone with autoimmune and degenerative disease, high dose cbd helps me on really bad pain/flare days. Please look into the types of cbd you’re using, as hemp based cbd is less effective than from the “whole” plant (as most people call it)

    So excited for you and your progress!

  19. This might just be my favorite video so far. You really do your homework when you make these videos huh? Thanks for the info! Here's a star —> ☆

  20. Great info here!
    I take it occasionally for fibromyalgia and stress. It works for a while, then if I take a break from it amd go back to it later I find it more effective.

  21. Looking 🔥🔥 so glad i came across your channel, you're so knowledgeable about the info you provide.! (Also gorgeous too❤) looking forward to future content.

  22. I love all the information you provided and your scientific approach! Thank you so much for taking all the time to research and share.

  23. I have been having extremely bad night time anxiety and can’t sleep.. does anyone recommend a specific brand or dose? Going to go to luckys market to see what they got!

  24. A+ video per usual girl! You’re so knowledgeable it’s so nice to actually have intellectual people on social media 😂not too many out there, you rock

  25. SOS does anyone use four sigmatic?? I've tried the matcha latte and the chai one and they are both so bad 🤢 are all y'all influencers just messing with us? Do people actually like these drinks? Help I want the benefits but they're so gross!!

  26. I tried cbd for sleep but it made me so nauseous and gave me diarrhea and dry mouth. I experimented a few times with it and it was the same no matter how small the dose. My friend also had this problem, too.

  27. I react really weird to CBD, I’ve tried a few different brands and it flares my gut issues and so does THC. I have a few friends who get prescription CBD/THC oil, CBD oil or just regular cannabis and it’s worked wonders on their digestive system, but it does the complete opposite to me! 😕

  28. CBD has been a huge help for me around my menstrual cycle, specifically the week before and week of. I have chronic digestive issues that flare up consistently during PMS, as well as menstrual migraines – and CBD seems to help with both. It's also just good for my digestive flare ups in general, for treating both my nausea as well as the anxiety that comes with. It's been a big tool for me, and I loved getting to learn a bit more about the science behind it 😊

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