Cartridge Review!! (Kingpen, ROVE, Heavy Hitters, Raw Gardens)

You guys asked for it! Here is four different cartridges, all by a different company. I am showing the packaging, oil, quality and overall smoke on each cartridge!


  1. What about witchdoctor cartridges they're a little bit thicker oil and last longer concentrate will it work

  2. my rove cart stopped working after 2 hits. plz help? i just had the cart hitting at 6 watts so idk

  3. Didn’t watch the video but Raw Garden the only one worth copping from this video. Trust, the rest are not what you want to be smoking even if they are legal, name brands.

  4. I'll have to send u some of my cartridges… mine aren't dab mixed with harsh liquid terps….I infused pg/vg and make my own ejuice flavors but truly infused so the hit is huge and the smoke is SMOOTH.. no joke gonna be starting up my own company here within a couple months…

  5. The other day I copped a KingPen oil cart from my Local Dispensary for $7.10!!!
    First time I rip those. They do taste like you hitting off the titanium rig!!

  6. This reaction is fake this nigga tapped that half gram already no bubble is that big when u buy a cart unless it’s been tapped the bubble should be around the size of a little bead

  7. everyone talking bout these fake carts but ive never come across one in my illegal state mines smack and tatste real too

  8. Anyone not getting their carts from the club SMG🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  9. is there a legit website i can buy a battery from i’m underage so can’t walk in a smoke shop and buy one.

  10. People saying “i get 90%+”
    And “i use dank vapes or supreme”
    Yo all that shit is fake and yeah fakes can get you high but its terrible for you and it doesnt get you as high anyway.
    People literally buy those packages on amazon and fill it with whatever they want do your research

  11. Cheers too bro!!! We in the Hotel getting fucked with those cartridges n piff yoo!!! Let's not 4get the women is a must have all day haaaaan!!!

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