Cannabis use for esport performance; mental endurance; discipline 🎮 AskWeldon 243

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  1. As a Player and Patient myself of Medicinal Cannabis. I have epilepsy which causes rapid pulses in my brain mostly causing physical motion ticking, Cannabis relieves my body of these symptoms. As a physical remedy that allows me to play with proper control. So, here comes the stoner talk. Cannabis has a way with the brain that when you smoke ever day for 4-5 years like I have, you build up a tolerance. Once you build this tolerance you'll have to smoke more and more to get that "buzz" effect. Realizing this also comes with self control, I dont smoke to get that "buzz" effect. Now I do get a "high" feeling of euphoria but not enough to impair me. This helps with my ticks, this also helps clear my conscience and focus on the game. Great video!

  2. Another possibility for the cannabis use is the relaxation it causes and the player didn't get such a good response in playing as when using the cannabis because of anxiety

  3. HI Weldon, are there any articles, other point of views or what are some sources you use besides your experiences? Any other Esports psychologists/coaches doing videos/interviews that you like?

  4. Absolutely amazing series today against Echo Fox, Weldon. I love the way TSM adapted and didn't choke in the ladder half of the games. Well done you guys! TSM needs to require, not consider, hiring you as their full time coach indefinitely in order to secure not just a future, but continuing a legacy for this organization! Please TSM, make this decision to not only show the world what you can do, but to inspire more people to be healthier in life. As well as showing the rest of us what it truly takes in order to become that top 1% in any aspect of life!

  5. Kinda sucked that G2 strats got leaked though and by Riot's own crew too. Riot REALLY messed up with the cameraman on that one.

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