1. friendly reminder that the only reason cannabis was stigmatized in the first place was to benefit prison industrial complex, pharmaceutical industry, and institutional racism

  2. I disrespect very much this doctor. What he says is just stupid. You could say all these things about alcohol and even worse.

  3. Addiction research is a scam. Of course they are going to say there is a risk of addiction, otherwise they would not get paid for their research.

  4. 2:05 @Dr. Bender
    You see what is happening. Do you think Cannabis will be even more available than this after liberalisation?
    Probihition is just making innocent people criminals and creates an unregulated market.

  5. stop acting like making something illegal doesn't tantalize and glorify the use of it.
    when Venezuela legalized drug use, it dropped 70%.
    you know it would only cost a few billion dollars to end world poverty?
    You could amass a cannabis economy stretching the globe to fit that need.
    but, you'll line your pockets instead!!! greedy

  6. im addicted to broccoli, but if i eat too much i get a vitamin b overdose.
    I like to smoke weed, but if i smoke too much i might have to lay down haha.
    see.. you say that using it to cope is a bad thing, what do you need opium or anti-depressant or anti-anxiety meds for than? i guess you better get rid of those quick, with that logic. and yes, a gateway. marijuana is a gateway to being a creative free-thinking individual with a cognitive sense of identity and human rights. Which, im sure, to you is very scary , indeed.

  7. The drugs people face first are alcohol and pornography, not weed. That psychotrist is soooo wrong

  8. 3:00 is 100% true. If it is expensive for a country like Germany, it is even harder for a low income country and a huge opportunity cost to use the money in more important areas instead.

  9. Legalization leads to the truth. How many are really using drugs? Right now, we are fed imprecise data by our governments leading us to believe the "war" is working. I believe that is a lie. There are FAR more people using than anyone wants to admit. The yield of drugs since the 70's has grown over 10 fold. What we are doing isn't working.

  10. There is a difference between legalising and advocating the cannabis. USA tried to ban alcohol consumption once, how did it work out?

  11. The heroine in Germany is far to good why would anyone buy legal weed when a prescription to cheap oxycontin is easy to get in Germany what hypocrites

  12. Weed is illegal in my country but it’s every where no one cares any more who uses it . But trust me . Cannabis is not water it will affect your moral behavior and addiction can occur and it’s massive if u mix it will other drugs .

  13. Yeah the other thing is to those in shared living spaces having to deal with the absolute STENCH of those smoking it, forcing those who dont want to smell it to be exposed to it second hand. I'm am absolutely against legalization now after having to deal with the constant smell and getting sick from it because my neighbor in my complex decides to smoke it all day.

  14. Psychiatrists have proven themselves unable to thoroughly and adequately describe the consequences of taking the substances that they prescribe, given how most engender long term dependence and withdrawal effects. It is completely hypocritical for them to suggest that cannabis is the first psychoactive substance children encounter, when in reality kids are handed amphetamines in pill form like candy by school psychologists and psychiatrists. If they actually cared about public health consequences, we would see a crusade against alcohol or benzodiapines instead of against cannabis.

  15. I would bet Stephen Bender drinks(possibly not), how is making money from a liquor store any different than a weed shop? You are enabling people to get in to a different state of mind on both fronts here, alcohol if abused has more potential to make people belligerent and violent though; marijuana on the other hand tends to calm people down. Over the years I have never met anyone that got angry and tried to fight someone while high, if they do too much they sit down on the couch and fall asleep. Also, the notion that it makes people lazy is completely absurd, if someone becomes lazy "because" of pot it's because they are lazy without it, there is a big difference between laziness and relaxation.

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