Cannabis taxes brought in $186 million since legalization in Canada

Since legalizing cannabis, the Canadian government has made $186 million in taxes. This is the first time Statistics Canada releases any numbers on the profit …


  1. Wait, we are told once pot is made legal,that it drives away illegal selling/use etc. You increase the use of a mind altering drug for the same of tax dollars is shameful. And shrinking your testicles one joint at a time.

  2. 2014- get caught selling drugs, get 2.5 years first offence and go to Kingston for your first 2 months.
    2019- Gov selling drugs make $168 mill. 🤔

  3. That's just the legal stuff, they still haven't cracked into the black market. the reason for that is the huge taxes and the poor quality/availability.

  4. Once again global news has no idea what they’re talking about regarding cannabis.
    I’ve been in the cannabis industry full-time for about eight years, and until last summer I managed a shop on Main Street.
    The proximity argument doesn’t work and here’s why, being on main and 51st, people would drive from White Rock, Richmond, North Delta, Ladner and Surrey. So it’s definitely not the shops are too far for people to drive to, the problem is the products are overpriced and are of poor quality.
    Let’s do a price comparison between the LP puppet shops and the private shops the few that still exist in the city of Vancouver. Going quality for quality, in the licensed shops you’re looking at $15-$19 a gram for their top shelf with no price break on quantity purchased. In the private shops there top shelf which Is much fresher and presents far better range is between 12 and $14 a gram with price breaks given for quantities purchased.
    If you look at the 420 event, using software there were approximately more than 100,000 people at Sunset Beach this last 420 and the three previous ones, on average people spend about $100 each that works out to $10 million worth of revenue exchanged on the beach in an afternoon.
    The current Apple Pay monopoly and restrict of guidelines has forced out the very people that are behind the legalisation movement in the first place, many of them to voting decades of their life and putting themselves in harms way I’ve been arrested and having to pay extraordinary high court costs. This current monopoly is nothing short of criminal.
    What is needed is sensible regulations for all that want to participate in or able to, until that happens the black market will be incredibly prosperous, I personally have never smoked LP products I’ve seen them but it doesn’t entice me to smoke poor quality cannabis that is at least six months older than product I can buy for half the price and is far superior as the small Craft Grower‘s are far more focused on their quality and their name then profits, it’s the exact opposite for LP modelcare little about Quality And only care About having a stranglehold on this “new “market, I am 100% opposed to this monopoly and this ridiculous standard that only the ultra rich can invest into.
    Cannabis birthday is almost upon us, at Thorton Park there will be several growers selling their products at far better prices and quality then currently available under this puppet system.
    After having a very good conversation with MP Don Davies, he completely gets it 100% perhaps the next time global news wants to post an article or have subtype of report about cannabis perhaps you can call on him, Dana Larsen is also available regularly for commentary as is Jodi Emery, David Melmo-Levine, Jeremiah Vandermeer and several others.
    After all if you’re calling yourself a news agency shouldn’t you be investigating it? Is it that proper journalism?

  5. Doesn't matter when the LPC spends exponentially more on protecting the feelings of minority groups.

  6. 65% haha more like 85% Those number are from first time buyers testing the products out and everyone finds out how much they suck like medical patients for years. 6 times the price as well. Better products at cheaper prices with more convince = Where would you shop? If they really wanted the black market gone they could just sell it cheaper but the greed from ex police and politicians running the cannabis industry is ridiculous and this fake legalization is all setup for more police funding wasting tax dollars on police resources and continue to clog up the court system on a plant. Let Canadian farmers grow it and have the product tested for market sale and the price of a joint would be the same as a bag of tea. Not $25.00

  7. Your prime minister is going to build houses and buy cars for his Muslim Buddies that is what he's going to do with the money use received from the marijuana sales

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