Cannabis PC Micro Grow Flower Cycle and Harvest!

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  1. This is Kevin from MarsHydro. I got your contact info from youtube. Noticed that you made a video for Cannabis on youtube. We released a similar light(Mars SP series) recently. Maybe you have heard the quantum board light. Our SP series is upgraded based on it. May i know if you have any interest in reviewing this light? Any other models are also available. If there is any interest, don't hesitate to reply me. I hope to hear from you regarding any your thoughts.

  2. Quick question for you. Cannacon in okc is thursday and friday. I see ocean grown as an exhibitor? Will you be there? Lol

  3. Not to sound dumb but I bought a 5 pack of Alien rift from lumberjack are they auto or photo? And do they come femd?

  4. Ok – HELP!!!!! I’ve never planted anything in my life and I know nothing about it. I had one bagseed. I bought cheap potting soil and a planter. I put the seed into the soil and watered. It’s outside on my porch. One week later, I now have a beautiful sprout about an inch tall. AND I HAVE NOOOOO CLUE what to do from here on out! ANY SUGGESTIONS???

  5. Vader what ones of your strains would you use if Valkyrae got breast cancer to make RSO to heal your beautiful wife? My wife is 35 and she has breast cancer and i was wanting to use your strains to save her life. Can you please tell me witch ones you trust is good enough?

  6. Vader, good old buddy pal, do you have any strains in your portfolio that would be somewhat tolerant of a cold wet clammy fall outdoors? I ask you cuz you have the experience with some humid environment genetics, and if u couldn't directly help me, you could point me in the right direction atleast.

  7. Vader, aloha to you and Valkyrie! Could you please talk a bit about your flood and drain system especially timer setup and hardware.

  8. Awesome Vader I've been excited to see this update the Malibu turned out really nice for the first run Two Green Thumbs Up

  9. That's truly awesome Vader I gotta wait til this 6 months of winter is over haha fuckin NY. Much love on the east. Keep the vids coming! Aloha🤙

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