TeamAng So I’ve been getting a lot of comments from you guys saying that I should take CBD Oil… Thank you all for the suggestion. But the truth is, while I was …


  1. A lot of people are recommending her to try smoking weed, but she might not want to do it because it can harm your lungs. inhaling anything besides oxygen is bad for your lungs so i would recommend a form of edibles or there are oils you can get with thc in them. its just kinda risky if you are in a state that hasn’t legalized weed.

  2. BuzzFeed video – I tried medical marijuana for chrpnic pain. It also talks about seizures..Charlotte Web hemp strain .. under the tounge.. hope that works love. Ur videos are very inspiring.

  3. QUALITY CBD/THC PRODUCTS ARE WHAT YOU NEED! I know someone who works for a medicinal producer! I live in Canada! Look into Canntrust (they have a website)!! They are the top CBD Oil, they win awards year after year for their cbd oil. Also try 50% cbd % 50% thc.

  4. Don’t want to be rude or anything but if you want to be seizure free have faith and go to a Christian church and you will be seizure free

  5. What’s really weird is my sister will smoke weed. She never has seizures when she’s not high. But every time she gets high no matter what from, she goes into seizures. To anyone reading this, do you know what that’s from? Also I really hope you get help! I hate seeing you like this 🙁 I know everything will work out in the end. Stay strong you got it!

  6. Try THC capsules rather than CBD. THC is what slows/stops seizures from occurring, I really hope you see this!

  7. May be thc is better then cbd when it comes to seizures or may be combining them to gethere might work better

  8. Try leaky gut treatment? You could probably have a leak in your gut wall or blood-brain barrier. It would be a lot more likely that it would be a gut hole, any bacteria from your microbiome or particles that get out could go around in your body and cause things like seizures. To be honest going vegan cured my leaky gut in 90 days, a high antioxidant intake may help, I'm researching Crohn's for my daughter and it appears that whole grains in quality fiber can close gut holes.

  9. My mother had a neighbor who had two kids with seizures & they would burn sage (like incense) in the kids room at night & my mom said the kids went from 12 to 14 seizures a week to 2 seizures in a month ! Sage is known to ward off demonic presence ( paranormal activity, fits of rage, having physical marks appearing on the kids arms, back & stomach ) cats & dogs can see "spirits" & if you can catch them when they are looking at something that is not there & see if it happens before or after a seizure. You are a strong WOMAN & these attacks will stop ! In the name of JESUS CHRIST, I CLAIM A VICTORY FOR YOU !

  10. Get the CBD oil that is from the cannabis plant, not the hemp plant. Hemp CBD is not as potent or as powerful at stopping seizures as cannabis sativa/Indica is. You probably need to get it from a legal medical marijuana dispensary.

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