1. I'm trying to cure my cancer and i'm 36 years old this year. I've tried THC and my system seems not able to handle high THC.

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  3. No NO NO, do not try to grow pot. its hard and if you dont do it right it will be no good. All you have to do is go to a place that sells pizza. someone there sells weed. You want "mids" mid grade weed which normally cost about 40-50 dollars a quarter ounce 7 grams.
    Buy a grinder at a head shop or a gas station and grind the weed up finely. you want it to have the consistency of tobacco in a cigarette.
    Now, melt 4 sticks of butter (1lb) and add the weed into the butter. this should be done in a double boiler so as to not burn the butter. I think it takes about 30-45 minutes for the butter to crack the thc from the weed. You can look up the butter recipe at high times magazine or online. Puna butter lasts a really long time in the refrigerator (a year easy). Simply add the butter to anything you cook (rice, rice krispy treats , mashed potatoes). You may want to try smaller doses . It takes 30-75 minutes to feel the effects. If you take too much, drink some beer and chill nothing bad is going to happen You cannot die from any amount of weed.
    There is a video of a guy named dennis that used this method. His friend made this butter for him. He couldnt get the good black oil but the butter alone killed his cancer. He didnt even have cbd. It will just take a little longer. Youll probably need about 8-16 oz total.
    After 3-4 weeks get your cancer number checked. Your cancer numbers will reflect how much you need to eat.

  4. everybody should have the right to grow their own medicine`s .. period….And congratz i have always knew about the healing effects of the cannabis oil btw.. ansd i used a lot myselves time back… i think it might just be time to start up again soon…

  5. I no longer believe any of this SHIT posted on the internet. Greed has taken over the world and people will say anything to make money! Don't just tell stories, show documented proof that you had cancer and documented proof of exactly what you did. Time for the bullshit to stop when it comes to people's lives! I've seen lot's of stories but not ONE documented case of a cancer cure! If this were true you think MIllionairs and Billionaires would be dying of cancer? I don't.

  6. Please can anybody write the three cures he mentioned at 18:50
    i tried to write them down but my English language is weak.
    One with a natural honey and the other with a soda??!!!

  7. Hi John, your story is incredibly inspiring and HUGE congratulations to you for being cancer free now! I am researching into this as my father in law has been diagnosed with advanced stage prostate cancer. I have a few sources I can get the medicinal oil from having done some digging here in the UK but I want to inform him as much as possible as to the process he's likely to experience on a psycho physical level. You touch on it in your video but I wondered if you could elaborate… My father in law has never been high as such and whilst I have been, I've no idea given the quantities and method (suppositories) just quite how high he is going to get. During your two months did you conduct a fairly normal life? Was it right before bed you took it? Did you feel groggy in the morning? Did this ease off as the body / mind got used to it? How long did this take? I feel like I need to brief him as much as I can as it is something out of his comfort zone and whilst he is definitely willing to do it, I want to provide him with as much of what to expect as possible. He is about the same age as you and you remind me of him so much so I'm sure the same things went through your head as are going through his. Any further info you can provide on the above would be so gratefully received. Best wishes, Adam

  8. As far as I understand, you have chemotherapy and radiation therapy before using cannabis oil. Can it be a combination of these 3 things that cure your cancer?

  9. Hey John, just wanted to congratulate you in your journey and victory!
    I'm quite new to this "layer" of my process since I was also diagnosed with cancer.
    I'm looking to connect with people in this journey. Please shoot me an email if you can (fameshow@yahoo.com). I live in L.A.
    Thanks a lot, john!

  10. Thank you for sharing your miraculous news! What was your dosing with cannabis oil, and what is the CBD:THC ratio of the oil you used?

  11. really cool yall should check out dr. mcdougall on youtube for info on whole foods plant based diet to fight against diseases.

  12. You sir are 100% right about the FDA begin owned by big pharma, they own the Gov. also. I have many friends who died from colon cancer. May your former cancer never come back….the best to YOU sir.

  13. I too had the same out come ! Stage 3 rectal cancer the tumor was pushing through to my cervix that's how it was found when I had a pap done . I didn't want to do chemo & Radiation so my daughters did a go fundme to raise the money for mr to go to Mexico came home doing Gerson's therapy 13 juices & 5 Enemas a day and we made RSO oil in a rice cooker " we found Rick Simpson on you tub he shows you how to make the oil yourself !!!!!!! We made it & put it in capsules and I would put it up the bum 3 times a day & by mouth too ! My doctor too gave me a medical marijuana card too well it cost $500. Dollars my daughter payed for it as I could not work and I too did do chemo & Radiation it was the worst iv ever been though !!!!!!!! The doctors wanted to do surgery 3 weeks after I was done with therapy it's called flap surgery it's not pretty I looked it up on you tub " but by the Grace of GOD there was only one doctor that did that surgery by us and he just retired 6 weeks before so they sent me to Sloan Kettering cancer center in New York I live in Albany N.Y 3 hours away and the doctor there said what are they doing in Albany you can't do surgery now it's like sowing to jell-O so the doctors there just keep checking with a scoping every 3 mos and it just kept shrinking and now they did a biopsy and no cancer cells can be found and my blood work is great !!!!!! So NO SURGERY 🙏🏼 what a blessing ROS oil is medical cannabis home made

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