Cannabis now accessible through prescription in QLD

New legislation made by the Queensland Government allows patients to access cannabis oil through prescription. “It’s fabulous news… Queensland has moved …


  1. why carnt he just say Australians why does he have to say Auzzie not that theres nowt wrong with it but its a bit childish maybee hes had a drag so dont blame him

  2. i think teen girls with anarixa should be oferd it as it makes you floty and hungry in 12 secends if its Sativa strain the indica strains give a worm body felling

  3. cannabis helps with eating disordars when iv had it 6 hous later i eat lots of crisps and have breakfast apitite i get the same with Diazapam

  4. Medicil cannabis does take the pain away backed with morhine and panadol i dont know why theres such a fuss cannabis is not a party drug its a recreationil drug but not a party as in Alcahole or mdma or ice its a mild narcotic and it can be used at partys same as Valium as it puts users in a relaxe stone with waves of Euphoria

  5. $639 for a bottle of 50x thc pills pffftt no thanks, I would prefer non synthetic, cheaper medicine from Tom, Dick or Harry.

  6. This is beautiful news, at least the ones who need it most can have an easier time getting it. But it's still far from perfect. I don't want us Australians getting locked up for using recreational pot. Alcoholics, opioid addicts, people like me with multiple mental disorders would really benefit with recreational cannabis. It is stupendous all the benefits we will have. Give a bloke a full case of beer, and you don't know what will happen. Give a bloke a bag of weed and close the door so he enjoys his sleep LOL. Come on Australia.

  7. Great step for the state I hope that the Phama company's don't charge though roof for medicine the patients and their families that struggle financially in need!

  8. The crop looks stressed.. a bunch of stress haha. Need some real growers that know what they are doing to grow, not saying he doesn’t know how to grow but any grower can look at that and see problems. I’m sure in time it will get better. And what sickness do you need to be able to get a recommendation I’m wondering? Also I would love to work in this industry Iv been so close to going to USA to try get my foot in but just never made that move. Thank god it’s on its way in Australia 🙂

  9. I think this crop is very disappointing, it shows that having people with no experience growing should be looking to employ people like myself that would really like to see this platform become legal. I am sure there is other people that would agree. For myself the road that lead to cannabis use was the fact I was sexually abused as a 4 year old and found alcohol made me very angry, without cannabis I believe that I would have died in my 20's like some of my close friends. Finally society is starting to call out child abusers for what they are and cannabis, hopefully will be back in its place as a medicene for the masses. I also started cannabis use as a swimming representative looking for something that didn't affect my body like alcohol does. Doctors are still trying to say it should only be used as a last resort, until lawmakers realise that some people don't have a happy fulfilling life as a productive members of society pharmaceutical companies will keep pushing mind numbing drugs on society in pursuit of the mighty dollar. We are at the precipice and there is no time take this for granted as there is no reason to treat people as criminals because they choose to medicate so we can at least have a smile on our face for a couple of hours in the day.

  10. Some great news, let's keep putting out the positive vibes and they will see the wonderful benefits this plant can provide.

  11. Finally a positive step in the right direction. Good on you Medifarm & Qld. I'd love to see it happen country wide too. Being Aussie grown is the way to go. Fingers crossed it spreads down here to NSW. Thanks for sharing @Cannabis Club ✌️🇦🇺

  12. CCA is fighting for freedom and fairness which begins with legalising cannabis here in Australia. 🍃⛑🌏

    Adults should legally be allowed to cultivate their own cannabis for medicinal or recreational use. ✅✅✅

    For more info please visit:

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