Cannabis News – Will Illinois Legalize? | Ep. 392 | 05-07-2019

Joe Klare discusses adult-use legalization in Illinois and a big medical marijuana vote in Texas. 5-7-19 – Ep. 392 | The Marijuana Times …


  1. Illinois will have it by jan 1 2020 they will have 400 Hemp farms this year and 40 kraft growers and 60 plus more by 5-1-2029 hundreds more dispenceries for reqreational use plus cbd plus transport services sorry nebraska federal law prohibits interfering of cbd transport so illinois will be shipping to you. plus a 5 plant pot plant home grow limit for adult req use. according to cannabis lawyer on YT. i have his link if you want.

  2. Iowa wants to legalize it to make money. They make money on it now. The Cops make money. The Jails make money. Hell the more time you spend in jail the more they double dip off the strawmans ciest de que trust.

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