Cannabis News – What Do Old Dudes in Ohio Think About Legalization? | Ep. 344 | 02-28-2019

Joe Klare discusses possible adult use legalization in Florida, what some lawmakers in Ohio think about legalization and the blooming black market in Michigan.


  1. You’re so on point. I love how these politicians use the black market not disappearing overnight in legal states as an argument against further legalization.

  2. Yet ketamine was recently "approved" by FDA for use for Depression. KETAMINE IS USED AS A HORSE 🐎 TRANQUILIZER! AND it's highly addictive!!!!

  3. i don't hear anything. maybe they're too stoned to speak. maybe they won't shut up because they are too stoned. that too. i'm the opposite it makes me quiet. oh i am still talking…but not out loud just inside my head. Decriminalize not legalize.. legal is a copywrited word.

  4. You've got the best cannabis show I've heard to date. I'm 120% behind you on these idiot politicians. They won a popularity contest that had nothing to do with their intelligence, experience or ability to lead but yet they dictate how they want people live their lives based on their own narrow view of life. They want subjects, not free citizens.
    Keep up the great work. Most of the time I listen to your podcast version but watch when I can.

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