Cannabis News – Medical Marijuana in the South | Ep. 333 | 02-13-2019

Joe Klare discusses medical marijuana attempts in Mississippi and Tennessee as well as an update of sorts on the story about the Weedmaps billboard in …


  1. Make it for recreational use as well as medical use just stop the prohibition on it stupid God made that plant why does man trying to keep it chained up free the plant

  2. Cannabis is a medicine and everybody's realizing that the pharmaceutical industry doesn't care about people made murder people for money cannabis has never killed anybody ever so it's a safe and effective medicine better than anything that the FDA can ever approve cuz the FDA is in the business of killing people for profit that's why I say they have no right 2 even have a say about cannabis peace out have a great day

  3. TN Governor Bill Lee does not want it there I just heard it on the news last night. Memphis station. Sucks

  4. I've been helping my cousin get signatures in Jackson MS, I bet they're going to surprise everyone.

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