Cannabis News – Legalization Stalls in New Jersey | Ep. 361 | 03-25-2019

Joe Klare discusses adult use legalization in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and CBD jelly beans. 3-25-19 – Ep. 361 | The Marijuana Times …


  1. Cannabis has never killed anyone it should have no reason to arrest anyone and destroy their lives either it's just the vampires in the government wanting to suck off the population like a vampire and put them in their prison industrial complex so they can work like slaves that's the truth you have to realize that people that are in government are corrupt and they have agendas

  2. Know the person in New Jersey that doesn't want the urban community to have any good cannabis laws is cuz that is the way they can suck off of them like vampires since they have prohibition what's prohibition ends they won't be able to suck off of him like a vampire and put them in their prison industrial complex as a slave it'll free the Common Man on the street from persecution from government and that's what they don't like it'll empower the individual instead of destroying their power like prohibition does PS I could never find Cannabis in the countryside I have to go to some town or city and I can point out a stoner and you can get your transactions done a stoner knows a stoner it's a vibration thing I think my friends even tried to test my Stoner radar I'm at 90% efficiency it's rarely him off but I can pick a starter out of a crowd and he can take you to his Source where you can find your medication cannabis it's not that hard you can find it anywhere just not in the countryside Country bumpkins don't really smoke bud

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