Cannabis News – Legalization Does Not Lead to More Teen Marijuana Use | Ep. 440 | 07-12-2019

Joe Klare discusses yet another study showing a drop in teen use after legalization, a new court ruling on medical marijuana in Florida and new qualifying …


  1. I don't give a mother fuck about what some study says. Hey even if it DID lead to more teen use I simply don't have a problem with it. If you have motivational problems, then that's just because youy are a genetic loser, and would have had motivational problems irrespective of the substance you chose to imbibe. Case and poin,t, I started smoking herb when I was 14 years old. I went on to become a two time university graduate, had a long and progressive career, cashed out and went on to run a very sucessful business which to this day serves to keep my bud jars full and pay my mortgages. I could'nt give a rat's rough textured anus what these motherfuckers who don't even KNOW ABOUT HERB THINK………. Hey do you know what's more injurious to health than cannabis? Fast food, caffeine, SUGAR, ALCOHOL, OPIOIDS, BABITUATES, POLICE OFFICERS etc, etc……

  2. Cannabis & the process to end probation across the board is a PAINful one to be observing as an activist for legalization. This has been intentionally drawn out process & negatively impacts current & future patients of this sacred plant. Just saying, states with "legal, adult use for recreation" are NOT done with prohibition, as limitations and restrictions are surfacing to continue control. Always loving new support for Cananbis…gratitude Joe for this weeks news!

  3. i didnt try weed til i was 28. i dont smoke it anymore my job says no so im stuck. i hate being stuck.

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