Cannabis News – Is Legalization Failing? | Ep. 430 | 06-28-2019

Joe Klare discusses the failures of legalization implementation in the U.S., a preview of a John Boehner interview and possible legalization in Pennsylvania.


  1. Marijuana and cannabis laws are nule and void in English Common Law for not being defined in english. Americans are illiterate.

  2. education in how tro grow your own in your own home easily is what needs to happen. The minute you put a price on something, the parasites will show themselves

  3. Prohibition has failed and now the transition of the failure continues into how to tax, um I mean steal from a plant that should have never been attacked. A fake name was created, a fake label of "drug" was created and now we have to undue these wrongful acts. Now through education…gees 30,000 research papers already?!

  4. What's up Joe good episode I like how you framed your perspective on how legalization is failing us in a lot of ways the root cause of all of this is the federal scheduling they need to reschedule cannabis from a schedule 1 to a lower schedule so it won't be so federally illegal and people and companies can work with this medicine known as cannabis by the way have you heard that New York City has decriminalized cannabis I haven't seen you make a story on this peace out have a great day Joe

  5. Right now we are in the wild wild west in the U.S because of still federal illegal but the damn will break soon because none other than Mitch McConnell's Hemp Bill. Many news sources are available such as Dallas country are having to stop prosecuting marijuana cases because defendants are saying this is not marijuana its hemp and the state which cant prove it has less than 3% thc cannot prove their case in a court of law. This is happening more and more so this damn will continue to fill till it breaks and the fed will have to legalize marijuana or make hemp illegal again .

  6. Wake up and see people like former Congressmen have changed their mind about cannabis and I have worked hard for 50 years convincing them that marijuana is good. APR4U

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