Cannabis News – How Close is Federal Legalization in U.S.? | Ep. 384 | 04-25-2019

Joe Klare discusses a new court ruling on medical marijuana and employment in New Jersey, the Canopy-Acreage deal and a medical cannabis advocate in …


  1. Can ya bless/// Well of course.. Yes…Yet Eve in now… knot not all shall receive… Nothing for them who practice to deceive…Life's echo's 7 times seventy seven..what is sown shall be reaped… interest and penalties… In disgrace such as these…False profits and war murdering war beast… stump of a tree. their trumped with a Mother fucking Ring! Song un herd yet seen…in the city of light/// leans… Every black and white wing… to_get_HER! black and white yen and Yang…married makes a rainbow of a snake…gather for the feast… they are late due to the turning away… unforgivness and the community of Christ….worl temple and a city court… bride and groom false profits to exploit…held in full account… every word…..
    troy aka Life…

  2. Maui Wauweed. This was the story i was looking for yesterday. Decriminalize it end the wars on…People. Well thats what it is. this is supposed to be a free country? where is the freedom? i don't see any. oh colorado ok fine. whatever. i don't live there. We Don't want….a WAR on Dru—-People. Donald should eat a donut on that one.

  3. Studies are in medical marijuana is not harmful but lack tremendous amounts of less profits for pharmaceutical, private prisons and law-enforcement.

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