Cannabis News – A New Marijuana and Depression Study | Ep. 337 | 02-19-2019

Joe Klare discusses adolescent marijuana use and depression, a judge’s ruling on medical marijuana and a Wal-Mart employee in Arizona and good news for …


  1. Great points bro. So glad about the Walmart case. Fuck Walmart how can you trust a company with a butt hole for an emblem? Also your exactly correct people become depressed and use Weed to help. You got great points today. Vaping some medical glue!

  2. I started smoking at eleven years old and I'd vote for kids to be able to have marijuana for medical use, but not smoke it, but I was smoking it and without it, I'd be on pills or dead.

  3. When I was 14 and 15 years old I started it suffering with my bipolar depression when I was going through my puberty stage it came out and very ugly ways I was very suicidal and ended up in the psych ward a lot my mom new a stoner girl in my neighborhood and had her come over and smoke me up cannabis has saved my life in multiple ways what I was younger to help me with my anxiety and my depression and my anger problems it kept me calm later in life I had a hiatal hernia and had to have a surgery if I didn't have cannabis during that time I probably would have died help me with my mental problems cuz I couldn't take my meds cuz I was throwing them up and it helped me with my stomach it helped me keep my food down and it helps me with my irritable bowel problem for that way cannabis saved my life more than once it is a medicine

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